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Pequot Lakes Eagles Report, March 11th

Submitted by Susan Young

The Pequot Lakes Eagles 4-H club met on March 11th at the trailside center.

Old business included continued discussion of practice days for share the fun and the dance 4 of the members will perform at the Pequot Lakes Festival of the arts on April 8th. A report on our field trip to the show "Peter Pan" was given.The members decided they really liked the show and the scenery. We discussed the sucess with the county fruit fundraiser, the Eagles club sold $2,707.00 of fruit. Dads, Mark and Ted, will pick up the fruit on March 27th.

New business was discussed, Northland Arboretum event "Raptors on Minnesota" for possible field trip. Members were updated on the county rummage sale. The Eagles club also would like to continue with field trips and will try to find opportunities for field trips in each member's project areas.

Practice times and dates were set up for Share the fun, club will purchase snacks to bring to the event. The Eagles Club will enter 4 different acts, 2 members will do individual solos and the club together will perform a skit and a dance.

After the meeting, the club began practice for the dance for Festival of the Arts and Share the Fun. Snacks were after practice.