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April 22, 2010

Great Green Gardeners - April Planning Meeting

GGG-TatesTomatoPlant.jpg GGG-TatesTomatoPlant2.jpg
Tate Schubert's tomatoes from seeds. Very impressive!!

We had eight youth and nine parents and adult volunteers. Our two Master Gardener consultants for this meeting were Debbie Monchamp and Orv Hastaad.

Debbie showed us how to make pots and molded shapes out of shredded paper and water. The molded shapes can have plant seeds sprinkled on top and when the shape has dried, be given as gifts to plant!

Orv gave us much information on building raised beds, soil composition and what types of nutrients plants need to grow strong and produce fruit.

Our next meeting will be May 1st at 8 a.m. at the CWC Fairgrounds.

Lyle Johnson, our volunteer carpentry expert will teach us how to build our raised bed frames. Thanks to Lyle we have had all the lumber we need contributed by Simonson Lumber and Lyle along with nails. Bring your tools to help! Don't forget goggles if you plan to be working around flying sawdust!

Black Bear - Operation Military Kids

Black Bear 4-H Club
Operation Military Kids

On April 10th Black Bear members Carly Christenson, Courtney LaRock and Jane Jones kept eight youth entertained while their parents attended military meeting in Brainerd.

It was a nice day so all went outside and played tag. A beading activity was also provided. Group photo shows Courtney (holding a child) Carly and Jane (holding a child) and some of the young people they interacted with.


This activity fits in well with Black Bear's Salute the Troops service-learning project. Look for more on that coming up soon!

April 21, 2010

Black Bear April Meeting Notes - 2010

Samantha told the history of April Fool's Day, our theme for the night. Morena updated us on Lily and her cub Hope for the bear report. Morena gave the Salute the Troops report on 'Ranks in the Military'. Danielle lead Cloverbud Corner.

Courtney and Jane reported on Operation Military Kids.
Those that were in Share the Fun told about that.
Project Day will be held when school is out.
We plan on having a Lock-In for those in 5th grade and up.
Heritage Garden clean up date is Friday April 23rd at 6:30.
T-shirts for new members were ordered.
Natasha had intermission.

Black Bear has wanted to help the LaMere family and Mandi suggested that we clean her mom's flower beds. A date will be set for the first week in May. If those from other clubs want to help please contact Cindy.

Presentations-Morena showed a type of art learned at the Franklin Arts Center and Natasha explained the technique of pointillism.

Next, all participated in a sculpting contest. The medium used to sculpt was bubble gum and the rules were to not use hands...just two toothpicks. Youth named their creations. The photos show some interesting art work! Kids chose criteria for judges to use to select a winner and decided it would be "people's choice" and all would vote.

Bubble Gum Sculpture 1.JPG Bubble Gum Sculpture 2.JPG Bubble Gum Sculpture 3.JPG

Preparing gum for sculpting ( chewing!). Courtney and Jane sculpting the gum. Each "sculpture" was given a name by it's creator.

Mandi, Black Bear's record leader, gave tips on record keeping and new members received their binders and help getting started.

Jeanne Rohr, our YPQA coach, observed this meeting. She and a youth partner will meet with Black Bear's YPQA team at a later date to provide suggestion for improvement to the club.

Black Bear 4-H Club Share the Fun Skit

Black Bear 4-H Club Skit
"Night at the 4-H Building....unbelievable!"

Share the Fun committee members Sarah Fairbanks, Katrina Adkins, and Morena Hammer brainstormed and came up with ideas then chose "Night At The 4-H Building" to develop into a skit.

Youth chose parts and began developing their lines. Changes are made along as they think of more things to add. Justin Fairbanks threw in a few extra words that the group loved and encouraged him to keep saying.

Black Bear youth created their own lines and choreography with minimal assistance from adults. Proper stage terminology is used and we take time out to reflect on how we are doing and what could be done better.


Sarah Fairbanks lead a couple reflection sessions.


Black Bear performers showed what they could do at the final performance!

Their leaders and parents are proud of them and the job they did. We were awarded "Most Humorous" skit.

Directors: youth -Sarah Fairbanks, adult-Rhonda Adkins
Choreography: youth-Katrina Adkins, Abby Schreier, Sarah Fairbanks, Morena Hammer, Tory Adkins Practice Schedule: adult- Cindy Terwilliger
Props: adult-Mary Hammer assisted youth with props.
Signs: Sarah Fairbanks, Morena Hammer, Amber and Molly Adkins, Samantha Meier, Abby and Dalton Schreier
Supporting leaders and parents: Rhonda Adkins, Mary Hammer, Lynn Fairbanks, Cindy and John Terwilliger, Patty Meier, Deb Adkins, Mary Bergquist, Arlene Rosemore, and Tom and Amy Schreier.

April 20, 2010

Great Green Gardeners May 1st meeting announcement

Great Green Gardeners will meet on Saturday, May 1st at the CWC Fair Grounds to build and fill raised bed boxes and containers. 8 a.m to Noon. Potluck lunch to follow. All interested youth gardeners are welcome to join us and to stake out an area for their own container garden. We will finalize our plant lists to be ready for planting on May 15!

Bring a friend. 4-H membership is free of charge!

State Knowledge Bowl - Dog Project Members

The results are in for the State Knowledge bowl.
The Junior dog team placed 5th and the senior team placed 3rd.


Laura Halverson, Rachel Danielson, Joshua Kreutzfeldt, Esther Kreutzfeldt and coach Teri Butler


Jenny Hendrickson, player/coach Erin Butler, Seth Kreutzfeldt, and Cheyenne Wilson

April 19, 2010

Daggett Brook April Meeting Notes

Reported by Anthony Hettver

The Daggett Brook 4-H Club held their monthly meeting on April 12, 2010. At the Daggett Brook Town Hall.

Josh S. gave a demonstration on trapping gophers.

Garrett G. gave a talk on driving a 4-wheeler.

Chad L. gave a talk on his visit to the Mary Copeland Homeless Shelter.

The cloverbuds demonstrated how they made origami bunnies.

Lindsey reported on his meeting with the townboard on renovating the current townhall.

The club will do the adopt the highway cleanup on May 10th at 5:30, pizza or subs will be served for everybody that comes and helps.

The club will sell brats at the Garrison Super Valu on July 16th and 17th.

Reports were given on the Livestock and Cloverbud PDC and the Federation meeting.

Animal ID forms are due May 15th and LQA & E training dates and times were discussed.

The next meeting will be on May 10th at 7:00 at the Daggett Brook Town Hall.

April 12, 2010

4-H Horse Fun Show Fundraiser Information

Please be reminded that we do this fundraiser under the premise of the Fun Show but the monies raised are used for the show and a portion is given to the Horse PDC. This fundraiser will benefit all youth in the 4H Horse Project.

Please see the attached document for all the information and registration form.Horse Fun show.pdf

Dairy Days Cattle Show

Crow Wing County American Dairy Association will be hosting a cattle show in Brainerd on June 5, 2010. All youth between the ages of 7-21 are invited to participate. Other area counties have been invited to this event also, but we are fortunate to have it in our own county. See the links for entry information and exhibitor information.

Dairy Days Exhibitor Information and Registration form

April 9, 2010

2010 Family Shotgun Fair

2010_Family-Shotgun Fair.pdf

Livestock IDs and Information Sheets

Livestock ID affidavit

For further information on individual species go to the main animal science page

This site has a wealth of other information, including curriculum, other member and leader resources and project meeting ideas.

April 7, 2010

Mississippi Movers March Activities

Club report for March submitted by Annie Toriseva

The March meeting of the Mississippi Movers was held at the Bjerkness' home. The meeting began with a practice of our Share the Fun play. Following the practice each member was given a tree swallow bird house plan and some used lumber. Four dads of 4-H members helped us construct the bird houses. Then we began our meeting. We welcomed five new members to our club. We then finished our evening with more play practice and snacks.

Club Activities report for March submitted by Ann Warling

On March 16, the Mississippi Movers 4-H Club held a Crotcheting project meeting. Detailed, hands-on instruction was shared by Grandma Vernette Warling.

Vernette & Madi 1.JPG
Grandma Vernette and Madi Carley working on skills.

We had a Quilting Project meeting on March 19th. Kate and Annie Toriseva are pictured working at their sewing machines.

Quilting 1.JPG Quilting 2.JPG Quilting 7.JPG
Grandma Vernette and Adult Leader Dawn Bjerkness work on sewing their blocks together.

It was a lot of fun! We will be having a second Quilting Project meeting on April 16th and are expecting more 4-Hers to join us.

This was our Club's Rocket Launch - WOW!! Too much fun....

At our March 4-H meeting, 27 4-Hers and friends built model rockets as part of an Aerospace Project Meeting led by Jonathan and Justin Warling.

On March 21, over 40 Mississippi Movers 4-Hers, families, and friends gathered at the South Parking lot of the fairgrounds to launch their models. It was a great day with each rocket being launched twice. Only two major casualties were experienced - one rocket did not open its shoot and nose-dived into the ground and one rocket did not make it back to earth - getting caught in the wires. We will patiently wait for it to fall as the weather wears the cord.

Snacks were served and great time was experienced by everyone! It would be great to see many of the rockets shown at the county fair - we have to wait and see....

Rocket Launch 7v.JPG Rocket Launch 10v.JPG Rocket Launch 21v.JPG Rocket Launch 22v.JPG Rocket Launch 27v.JPG Rocket Launch 4.JPG