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Black Bear 4-H Club Share the Fun Skit

Black Bear 4-H Club Skit
"Night at the 4-H Building....unbelievable!"

Share the Fun committee members Sarah Fairbanks, Katrina Adkins, and Morena Hammer brainstormed and came up with ideas then chose "Night At The 4-H Building" to develop into a skit.

Youth chose parts and began developing their lines. Changes are made along as they think of more things to add. Justin Fairbanks threw in a few extra words that the group loved and encouraged him to keep saying.

Black Bear youth created their own lines and choreography with minimal assistance from adults. Proper stage terminology is used and we take time out to reflect on how we are doing and what could be done better.


Sarah Fairbanks lead a couple reflection sessions.


Black Bear performers showed what they could do at the final performance!

Their leaders and parents are proud of them and the job they did. We were awarded "Most Humorous" skit.

Directors: youth -Sarah Fairbanks, adult-Rhonda Adkins
Choreography: youth-Katrina Adkins, Abby Schreier, Sarah Fairbanks, Morena Hammer, Tory Adkins Practice Schedule: adult- Cindy Terwilliger
Props: adult-Mary Hammer assisted youth with props.
Signs: Sarah Fairbanks, Morena Hammer, Amber and Molly Adkins, Samantha Meier, Abby and Dalton Schreier
Supporting leaders and parents: Rhonda Adkins, Mary Hammer, Lynn Fairbanks, Cindy and John Terwilliger, Patty Meier, Deb Adkins, Mary Bergquist, Arlene Rosemore, and Tom and Amy Schreier.