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Black Bear April Meeting Notes - 2010

Samantha told the history of April Fool's Day, our theme for the night. Morena updated us on Lily and her cub Hope for the bear report. Morena gave the Salute the Troops report on 'Ranks in the Military'. Danielle lead Cloverbud Corner.

Courtney and Jane reported on Operation Military Kids.
Those that were in Share the Fun told about that.
Project Day will be held when school is out.
We plan on having a Lock-In for those in 5th grade and up.
Heritage Garden clean up date is Friday April 23rd at 6:30.
T-shirts for new members were ordered.
Natasha had intermission.

Black Bear has wanted to help the LaMere family and Mandi suggested that we clean her mom's flower beds. A date will be set for the first week in May. If those from other clubs want to help please contact Cindy.

Presentations-Morena showed a type of art learned at the Franklin Arts Center and Natasha explained the technique of pointillism.

Next, all participated in a sculpting contest. The medium used to sculpt was bubble gum and the rules were to not use hands...just two toothpicks. Youth named their creations. The photos show some interesting art work! Kids chose criteria for judges to use to select a winner and decided it would be "people's choice" and all would vote.

Bubble Gum Sculpture 1.JPG Bubble Gum Sculpture 2.JPG Bubble Gum Sculpture 3.JPG

Preparing gum for sculpting ( chewing!). Courtney and Jane sculpting the gum. Each "sculpture" was given a name by it's creator.

Mandi, Black Bear's record leader, gave tips on record keeping and new members received their binders and help getting started.

Jeanne Rohr, our YPQA coach, observed this meeting. She and a youth partner will meet with Black Bear's YPQA team at a later date to provide suggestion for improvement to the club.