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Mississippi Movers March Activities

Club report for March submitted by Annie Toriseva

The March meeting of the Mississippi Movers was held at the Bjerkness' home. The meeting began with a practice of our Share the Fun play. Following the practice each member was given a tree swallow bird house plan and some used lumber. Four dads of 4-H members helped us construct the bird houses. Then we began our meeting. We welcomed five new members to our club. We then finished our evening with more play practice and snacks.

Club Activities report for March submitted by Ann Warling

On March 16, the Mississippi Movers 4-H Club held a Crotcheting project meeting. Detailed, hands-on instruction was shared by Grandma Vernette Warling.

Vernette & Madi 1.JPG
Grandma Vernette and Madi Carley working on skills.

We had a Quilting Project meeting on March 19th. Kate and Annie Toriseva are pictured working at their sewing machines.

Quilting 1.JPG Quilting 2.JPG Quilting 7.JPG
Grandma Vernette and Adult Leader Dawn Bjerkness work on sewing their blocks together.

It was a lot of fun! We will be having a second Quilting Project meeting on April 16th and are expecting more 4-Hers to join us.

This was our Club's Rocket Launch - WOW!! Too much fun....

At our March 4-H meeting, 27 4-Hers and friends built model rockets as part of an Aerospace Project Meeting led by Jonathan and Justin Warling.

On March 21, over 40 Mississippi Movers 4-Hers, families, and friends gathered at the South Parking lot of the fairgrounds to launch their models. It was a great day with each rocket being launched twice. Only two major casualties were experienced - one rocket did not open its shoot and nose-dived into the ground and one rocket did not make it back to earth - getting caught in the wires. We will patiently wait for it to fall as the weather wears the cord.

Snacks were served and great time was experienced by everyone! It would be great to see many of the rockets shown at the county fair - we have to wait and see....

Rocket Launch 7v.JPG Rocket Launch 10v.JPG Rocket Launch 21v.JPG Rocket Launch 22v.JPG Rocket Launch 27v.JPG Rocket Launch 4.JPG