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Dog PDC Meeting for October 2010

Dog PDC Meeting Report
October 3rd, 2010

Members present -4 Leaders present 2

The meeting was called to order by President Erin Butler.

Treasurer's report was given. We have $1513.24 in our account. We will reimburse the members who went to State Dog for half of their registration fees which will come to $180.00. I believe we will owe horse $400 for the milk that was bought for the milk booth. We should have about $900 or so left in our account.

• Milk Booth report was given by Donna Wilson. We collected $440 in donations to buy our milk bladders. We made a profit of $658.78
• A County Dog Show report was given by members and was said to have gone very well. They liked that treats were brought in as well as having pizza.
• County Fair exhibition was discussed. We heard very positive comments from the crowd. It was discussed that he educational boards that were brought out did not go over as well because they kept blowing down. Our members were stopped because they had dogs on the grounds so we think next year we should get shirts or armbands saying who we are.
• State Dog Show report- All the members did very well, we had volunteers but they got their helper letters on they day of the show. Donna said she talked to the people there and told them what happened.

• Judging of the dog records will take place Oct. 9th at 2:00pm
• New equipment needed for next year will be a double jump and we will look at getting new tunnel holders and maybe a agility measurer.
• Elections of officers were held and Cheyenne Wilson was elected president, Sheridan Wilson was elected Vice President, and Rachel Danielson was elected Treasurer. Key leaders will be Teri Butler and Donna Wilson.
• It was moved not to have winter training this year.
• We moved to donate $100 to the Wadena Dog program since their equipment was destroyed in the tornado.
• It was moved to donate $40 to sponsor the county dog awards
• It was discussed that we would look into getting some members to take the Canine Good Citizen test and then possibly take our dogs to nursing homes as a community service project.
• We discussed that the PDC would meet quarterly. Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled and will be January 10th at 4:00pm at Gander Mountain. The next meetings will be held in April, July and October.

Meeting was adjourned.