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Dog PDC Meeting, January 2011

Dog PDC meeting we had on January 11th.

People in attendance:
Teri Butler
Erin Butler
Donna , Cheyenne, and Sheridan Wilson
Frank and Rachel Danielson
Mike and Jennifer Hendrickson
Maxine and Natasha Gallent
Lynn, Seth, Joshua, and Esther Kreutzfeldt

Meeting was called to order by President Cheyenne W. We are going to check on when the next CGC (Canine Good Citizen) testing is and let members who are interested know so they can be tested. We will let the fair board know that we will be willing to do the dog demonstration at the fair again but discussed getting shirts so fairgoers will know we can be there with our dogs. Cheyenne, Natasha, Maxine, and Rachel volunteered to do the volunteer training on January 13th. We will have a knowledge bowl team or teams depending on how many people are interested. We will meet on January 25th and 6:30 at Gander mountain to begin training for the bowl. Teri, Erin and Donna volunteered to coach. We will have our next PDC meeting on April 5th at 6:30 at Gander Mtn. We will plan on having our dog orientation on April 25th and 6:30 at he fairgrounds. At the next PDC meeting we will plan the orientation.