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Baxter Sandpipers March Meeting

Reported by Rachel Danielson
The Baxter Sandpipers 4-H meeting was at Lord of Life church on Thursday march 3, 2011
The CLC stargazing team came out and taught us about stargazing and what you can see a certain time of the year.
Committee reports: Share the Fun - Laura told us that they had come up with an act. Needed to know who wanted to be in the act. Still need to finish the script.
County fruit fundraiser: Karen Danielson talked about - needed everyone's money & order forms tonight.
Club Served at the senior center on Feb. 14th, - We served over 100 people. Everyone had fun.
Federation meeting was reported on by Karen Danielson.
Club fundraiser trying to think of some new stuff like sell chocolates candles car wash maybe
Marissa Spencer talked about the Shooting sports open house March 21st
Sandy Halverson talked about the Presidents challenge and how president is trying to make a healthier United States of America
Next meeting will be held on April 7th at 6:30 pm at lord of Life church