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May 19, 2011

4-H Daggett Brook Club meeting May 16

Reported by Grace Studniski.

The Daggett Brook 4-H club held its monthly meeting May 16th

the club did the road side cleanup on highway 25 at 5:30pm and the meeting too follow at 7:00pm. Kirsten Schroer,and Deven Emslander talked about the roadside cleanup.

Chelsea Emslander talked about the club tours, Hannah Studniski,Arica Caughey, Beckers,and the hettvers will be doing the club tours

Veronica Nelson Made a motion to do the club tours And was seconded by Josh Studniski.

Sarah Simmonds did a demo on how too make Gack out of one cup of hot water,one cup of glue,one tsp of borax,and some food coloring.

The clover buds made a butter fly out of string,tape,and a popcicle stick.

Kirsten schroer adjurned the meeting and was seconded by Elizabeth Studniski.

May 13, 2011

4-H Federation Meeting Minutes - April 25, 2011


May 9, 2011

Horsing Around Newsletter - April 2011


Great Green Gardeners May 7, 2011

We installed our garden beds and made rain barrels at the CWC fairgrounds on Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. Thanks Trident Seafoods for the barrels, Simonson Lumber for the extra lumber and Dan's Sod and Moonlight Nursery for donating the delivery fee for our fresh black dirt supply.

A huge "Thank You!" goes out to the parents who pitched in to guide and assist our members as they put together the first phase of the 2011 gardens.

Members received Great Green Gardener caps - although we were short a few and will need to order more.

Our next meeting will be on May 21st at the Arb to install our gourd garden!

GGG-5-7-2011-1.jpg GGG-5-7-2011-2.jpg GGG-5-7-2011-3.jpg GGG-5-7-2011-4.jpg GGG-5-7-2011-5.jpg GGG-5-7-2011-6.jpg GGG-5-7-2011-7.jpg GGG-5-7-2011-8.jpg

May 2, 2011

Baxter Sandpipers April 2011

Respectfully submitted: Rachel Danielson, Club Reporter

Reporters Notes: April meeting
Baxter Sandpipers held their meeting on April 6th at Lord of Life Church. Our Club setup committees for County Fair projects, which include Booth, Banner & Decorated Animal. Committees will be getting together at our May meeting to come up with ideas. Our club will be planting flowers in front of the 4-H Building at the County Fairgrounds. Our club will be performing at the County Share the Fun show on April 10th. Our Club will be helping serve refreshments at the Re-Store's Grand Reopening on Saturday - April 16th. Rachel Danielson showed our cloverbuds how to make tennis ball chicks. Kalie Johnson gave a project talk on her quilt. Abby Johnson gave a talk on her Butterfly she made. Club practiced their Share the Fun act after the meeting.




State Livestock Project Bowl April 16

Morrison/Crow Wing Jr General Livestock team with CWC members; Athena & Alicia Moe. They participated in the state project bowl contest on Saturday, April 16 in Foley.

Dog Bowl - Foley

The Dog Bowl Project team placed 6th place at the state project bowl competition in Foley on Saturday, April 16. Members of the team are Rachel Danielson, Cheyenne Wilson, and Jenny Hendrickson. They are coached by Teri Butler.