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4-H Daggett Brook Club meeting May 16

Reported by Grace Studniski.

The Daggett Brook 4-H club held its monthly meeting May 16th

the club did the road side cleanup on highway 25 at 5:30pm and the meeting too follow at 7:00pm. Kirsten Schroer,and Deven Emslander talked about the roadside cleanup.

Chelsea Emslander talked about the club tours, Hannah Studniski,Arica Caughey, Beckers,and the hettvers will be doing the club tours

Veronica Nelson Made a motion to do the club tours And was seconded by Josh Studniski.

Sarah Simmonds did a demo on how too make Gack out of one cup of hot water,one cup of glue,one tsp of borax,and some food coloring.

The clover buds made a butter fly out of string,tape,and a popcicle stick.

Kirsten schroer adjurned the meeting and was seconded by Elizabeth Studniski.