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August 31, 2011

Emily 4-H Day Camp

EDC-2.jpg EDC-3.jpg EDC-1.jpg EDC-4.jpg EDC-5.jpg EDC-8.jpg EDC-9.jpg EDC-11.jpg EDC-10.jpg EDC-12.jpg EDC-13.jpg EDC-14.jpg EDC-15.jpg EDC-16.jpg EDC-17.jpg EDC-18.jpg EDC-19.jpg EDC-20.jpg EDC-21.jpg

August 30, 2011

CWC Fair - Demonstrations 2011

Demo-2.jpg Demo-1.jpg Demo-3.jpg Demo-4.jpg Demo-5.jpg Demo-6.jpg Demo-7.jpg Demo-8.jpg Demo-9.jpg Demo-10.jpg Demo-11.jpg Demo-13.jpg Demo-15.jpg Demo-17.jpg Demo-18.jpg Demo-19.jpg Demo-20.jpg Demo-21.jpg Demo-22.jpg Demo-23.jpg Demo-24.jpg Demo-25.jpg Demo-27.jpg Demo-28.jpg Demo-29.jpg Demo-30.jpg Demo-31.jpg

CWC Fair - Arts In 2011

Junior Arts In
JAI-8.jpg JAI-4.jpg JAI-5.jpg JAI-6.jpg JAI-7.jpg JAI-3.jpg

Arts In

AI-1.jpg AI-2.jpg AI-9.jpg AI-10.jpg AI-11.jpg

August 26, 2011

CWC Fair Livestock winners

Receiving Grand Champions and Reserve Champions at the recent Crow Wing County Livestock Shows were the following 4-H members.

Athena Moe GC Registered Junior Yearling; Tess Rahto RC Registered Senior Yearling; Isaac Britton GC Commercial Junior Yearling; Samantha Larson RC Commercial Junior yearling; Athena Moe GC Registered Cow/Calf pair; Abby Cyr RC Registered Cow/Calf pair; Dustin Sweet GC Commercial Cow/Calf pair; David Larson RC Commercial Cow/Calf pair; David Larson GC Prospect Calf; David Larson RC Market Beef; Alicia Moe GC Market Beef Steer; Austin Moe RC Market Beef Steer; Amanda Rahto GC Pure Breed Dairy Steer; and Caleb Landin RC Baby Steer. Beef Showmanship winners were Sr GC Tess Rahto; Sr RC Abby Cyr; Intermediate GC Alicia Moe; Intermediate RC Billy Segler; Junior GC Caleb Landin; Junior RC Casey Rahto.

Inga Wicklund GC Registered Holstein winter calf; Austin Moe RC Registered Holstein fall calf; Haley Hoskins GC Registered Sr 2-year-old; Austin Moe RC Registered Jr 2-year-old; Jeron Schubert GC Grade Holstein Spring Calf; David Larson RC Grade Holstein Fall Calf; and Josh Studniski GC Other Breeds. Dairy Showmanship winners were Inga Wicklund GC Sr Showmanship; Tyler Edelman RC Sr Showmanship; Alicia Moe GC Intermediate Showmanship; Haley Hoskins RC Intermediate Showmanship; Jeron Schubert GC Junior Showmanship; and Reilley Hettver RC Junior Showmanship.

Athena Moe GC Registered Sr Kid Dairy Doe; Aliciia Moe RC Registered Jr Kid Dairy Doe; Joshua Hofmann GC Registered Dry Yearling Dairy Doe; Athena Moe RC Registered Dry Yearling Dairy Doe; Alicia Moe GC Registered Milking Doe; Abby Cyr RC Registered Milking Doe; Alicia Moe GC Grade Jr Kid Doe; Veronica Nelson RC Grade Sr Kid Doe; Veronica Nelson GC Grade Dry Yearling Doe; Alicia Moe GC Grade Milking Doe; Megan Fillbrandt GC Market Goat; Jacob Britton RC Market Goat.

Goat Showmanship
Veronica Nelson GC Sr Showmanship; Abby Cyr RC Sr Showmanship; Joshua Hofmann GC Intermediate Showmanship; Alicia Moe RC Intermediate Showmanship; Garrett Sweet GC Jr Showmanship.

Poultry Chickens Market Pen- Veronica Nelson GC, Chelsey Hettver RC; Breeding Pen-Raychel Raddatz GC, Athena Moe RC; Egg Production White Eggs -Athena Moe GC, Raychel Raddatz RC; Egg Production Brown Eggs -Raychel Raddatz GC, Athena Moe RC; Ducks Market Pen -Alicia Moe GC; Ducks Breeding Pen-Alicia Moe GC, Chelsea Hettver RC; and Turkeys Market Pen- Tommy Eschenbacher GC.

Showmanship winners were Sr Showmanship Chelsey Hettver GC, Veronica Nelson RC; Intermediate Showmanship Raychel Raddatz GC, Tommy Eschenbacher RC; Jr Showmanship Devin Emslander GC, Reilley Hettver RC.

At the Rabbit Show Small Breeds Sr Buck GC Inga Wicklund; Small Breeds Jr Doe RC Lindsey Lagaard; Market Rabbit Single Fryer GC Doug Fillbrandt; Market Pen of Three GC Megan Fillbrandt, Rabbit Posters Sr GC Sawyer Liao, Intermediate GC Matthew Lagaard. Showmanship winners were Sr Showmanship GC Lindsey Lagaard, Sr Showmanship RC Sawyer Liao and Megan Fillbrandt, Intermediate Showmanship GC Katie Fillbrandt, Intermediate Showmanship RC Matt Lagaard and Abby Schreier, Jr Showmanship GC Jessica Otto, Jr Showmanship RC Lexi Larson.

In the Sheep Show - Maren Rahto GC Commercial Ewe Lamb, Sarah Smude RC Commercial Ewe Lamb, Alicia Moe GC Market Lamb, and Austin Moe RC Market Lamb. Showmanship winners were Sr Showmanship GC Austin Moe, Alicia Moe GC Intermediate Showmanship, Athena Moe RC Intermediate Showmanship, Jr Showmanship GC Maren Rahto.

At the Swine Show Stafford Thompson received GC for Commercial Market Barrow, Commercial Gilt, and Sr Showmanship.

At the Llama Show judging in Morrison County, Jennifer Franzen received GC in Showmanship and Obstacle.

August 5, 2011

Emily Mighty Minnows on Parade!

Emily Parade on July 16 with the Emily Mighty Minnows float.