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4-H Dog PDC - October Meeting

Dog PDC Meeting
October 8th, 2011 9:00am
Gander Mountain

The Dog PDC meeting was called to order by President Cheyenne Wilson. No secretary's report was given. Treasurer's report was given by Teri Butler. The balance was $1360.13. There are outstanding bills of $225.00 for state registrations, $92.69 for the pictures for the booth, and $40 for milk bladders that we owe the Horse PDC. That would leave a balance of $1002.44.

Old Business:
• The county show was discussed and everyone thought it went well. It was discussed having rally in the livestock area in case of rain and to maybe make the show go faster since that could start without waiting to take down the agility equipment first. The kids liked the judges.
• Rachel and Frank Danielson were thanked for putting up the fair booth. They did an excellent job and many positive comments were heard.
• State Dog results were given and the members who went gave a report on what they liked and thought what could be improved. It was mentioned that we should keep in mind that we will need a couple of raffle items next year so be thinking about that.

New Business:
• Election of officers was held. Cheyenne Wilson was elected president, Sheridan Wilson was elected vice president, Rachel Danielson was elected secretary and Teri Butler and Donna Wilson were elected leaders.
• The inventory that Jeanne needs was went over and corrected and a budget for the new year was planned.
• Fall Volunteer training was discussed and Rachel, Laura and the Kreutzfeldts volunteered to attend.
• Winter training at the Hunt Club in Pequot Lakes was discussed and Donna said she would check on it and see if we would be able to use their facilities. We would like to use it one every 3 weeks starting in January.
• Knowledge Bowl was discussed and there is interest in having a team. Cheyenne Wilson volunteered to be the coach. More will be discussed at our next meeting.
• We discussed what we would like to do next year and Dog Bite Safety was brought up and we may see if we could revive that program.
• We discussed what we would need to purchase for next year. We will need a new roll of snow fence, a mat or mats for obedience, a solid jump for obedience and a double jump for agility. We will try to make the jumps ourselves.

Meeting was adjourned

Members in attendance: Donna, Cheyenne, and Sheridan Wilson, Teri and Erin Butler, Marena Hammer, Sandy and Laura Halverson, Frank and Rachel Danielson, Seth, Esther, Joshua, and Lynn Kreutzfeldt