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4-H Horse PDC Meeting October 25 2011

CWC Horse 4-H PDC Meeting 10/25/11Meeting called to order by Chairperson Tyler Blazek
Secretary minutes read and approved
Treasurer report read and approved

  • Each gave a report and explained what their committee was, a new signup sheets were passed around.

  • Hippology/Judging: Will start around May.

  • Clinics: Looking for new ideas for clinic topics and instructors

  • Drill Team: Plans for starting earlier this year-like Feb. Talked about having their "leads" be people who can commit to every practice through the state show.

  • Fun Show: This committee should consider ordering ribbons during winter months to get a large discount.

  • Milk Booth: Need to discuss changes with milk booth with any changes to the fair format this year. It was brought up that if we have our show at a different date apart from the fair, we could also work the milk booth Tues and Wed also, if we get enough workers. Would it be cheaper to buy milk by the gallon instead of by bladders?

  • Horse Handbook/Premium Book: Tanya and Tammy will make changes/update to these.

  • Horse Bowl: Everything is going great so far, two meetings done and next meeting is Fri, 10/28, 6:30 at Benvelle. Binders are all put together, most have been checked out by members for the season; the bill for the binders has been submitted and was $114.09.

  • Achievement/Records: Will think about doing an informational "clinic" before summer starts to help newer members.

  • Participation Points: Started tallying, tried posting them online in the past but nobody used it. Maybe could be posted on the Facebook page to be more accessible?

  • Western Heritage: no report this month

  • Decorations/Stall Curtains: new committee this year.

  • Orientation: Motion was made by Tammy Blazek to have the PDC officers coordinate orientation. Alexis Visser seconded.

OLD BUSINESS-County Fair scheduling- Becker family went to the fairboard meeting and presented the idea of moving the show to a separate date. The fairboard wants to keep the show during the fair so horses will be there for the public to see. It may still be possible, but there are several contingencies. (Horses would have to be brought back and stalled during the fair or premiums/state trips forfeited, etc). What would we do during those days of the fair if we didn't have a show? Sarah D from the fairboard pointed out we could try it for one year to see if it works. Tyler expressed her opinion that she would like to keep the show during the fair because friends come to watch. Alexis brought up that the northwest regional western heritage competition is sometimes the weekend before the fair (conflict of dates). Alexis brought up the idea of switching game and pleasure days so kids showing rabbits could show them on Tues, and run their games out of normal placing (this would be a special exception). It has been stressed that we are only considering moving the show so that kids may have the opportunity to show other animals at the fair if they would like to in addition to horses.

-Horse budget due by Nov 15th-Tanya will work with the new treasurer (Lauren Crabtree) to develop a budget for 2011-2012 for the Horse PDC.

-Dec 5th training-Tammy moved to have the new officers (Alexis, Tyler, Kiana, Lauren) attend this training to represent horse PDC. They will bring beverages to share with other PDCs. Shelby Reeser seconded.

NEW BUSINESS-Election of Officers-Tammy moved to accept the new slate of officers, being Alexis Visser as chair, Tyler Blazek as vice-chair, Kiana Dusek as secretary, and Lauren Crabtree as Treasurer. Jasmine D'Ambrosio seconded.
-Cloverbud classes at fair-new Cloverbuds enrolled this year want classes at the fair. What classes can we have for them? Tammy moved to table until Jeanne clarifies the rules with Brad Rugg. Tyler seconded.
-Yearly planning- planned when each subcommittee would meet and what topics to bring up each month. We also need to decide what meetings we want Jeanne at.
-Dan Patch-Alexis pointed out that it is time to think about applying for Dan Patch/or the State Youth Leadership Trip. Talk to her to find out more information if you are interested, or look on the state horse website.
-Heather can keep the Land Services Building open each month for meetings if Jeanne is not there. This will be our standard location.
-Kerri Beach brought up that we should consider being in the 4th of July parade as a PDC
-Jeanne made a point that we should think about ways to spend our money on educational opportunities for our members; i.e. horse camps, Winter Round-Up.

UPCOMING DATESNovember 29-Horse PDC meeting 7 pm, sub-committees at 6:30 pm, Land Services Building.
December 5-Statewide animal science training (webinar) for PDCs, 6:30 pm Land Services Building

Lauren Crabtree moved to adjourn. Haven Bernansky seconded.