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Daggett Brook 4-H Club February meeting notes

The Daggett Brook 4-H Club held their monthly meeting on
Feb. 13, 2012. At the Daggett Brook Town Hall.

Talks were given by Angela Studniski on her calf, Devin Elmslander about
whitetail deer antlers, Raychel Raddatz about what she wants to do when she
grows up, Hannah Caughey about differences and similarities with cows and
horses, Kirsten Schroer about organ and tissue donation.

Demonstrations were given by Daric Caughey on blowing up a balloon with a
pop bottle, Haven Bernatsky on how to make butter using heavy whipping
cream, Hannah Studniski how to make a rosary, Alexis Schroer on blowing up a
balloon without using your own air.

Fruit orders where handed out the pickup date will be on
March 24th.

The club will be sending care packages to our
troops overseas.

The club will have a project day on Sunday March 11th from 1:00p.m. to
4:00p.m. at St. Mathias Pavilion.

The next meeting will be one March 11th at 1:00p.m. at the St. Mathias
Pavilion, in conjunction with the project day.

Submitted by Reilley Hettver
Club Reporter