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4-H Mighty Minnows Feb. Meeting

February 28, 2012

In Attendence: Drew, Les, Baylen, Adian, Judith, Lillian, Sadie, Abby, Hailey, Shaun, Suzie, Trevor, Lexi
Sadie called meeting to order.
Flag pledges.
Sadie did roll call and read the itinerary of tonight's mtg.
Update member contact sheets, 2012 snack lists and yearly meeting outlines were distributed, as well as club goal sheets (for new members who need to put in their folder).
Mandi and Tammi talked about elections/offices to fill, outlining what each office position duty entails and encouraged Minnows to think before the next mtg. what position they may like to pursue. Elections will be held next mtg.
Sadie read our list of rules.
Snack time
We started our new photography curriculum and went over what the main parts of everyone's digital camera is. We went around the table and everyone shared an experience they've had with taking pictures and what they enjoy taking pictures of.
Mandi explained stability while taking pictures.
We broke off into groups of 4 with each member taking pictures of 4 different settings in various locations. Minnows were instructed to take a photo of each object at "landscape pose", and one at "side up". Except the last being taken level and one taken not level. All Minnows really concentrated and got some good shots.
Minnows will develop these pictures to then be pasted inside their workbooks. Talked about printing pictures off of the computer at home.
Judith played her saxophone and Abby showed us pictures on her IPAD of what she took last summer at Lake Adda.
T-shirts distributed to members.