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SS/W Meeting Minutes March 19, 2012

Minutes for the CWC SS/W PDC meeting held at Gander Mtn on March 19th, 2012
Minutes submitted by David Schroeder

Meeting started at 6:30 - ended at 7:30pm

Introduction and welcome to all current and new members - chair Alyssa Burley
Treasurer report - Marissa Spencer
Minutes report - David Schroeder
Explanation of wildlife hours and the importance for state shoot
Spoke as a group about donation letters and fundraising in general
Friends of the NRA grant -$3,000.00-Marissa Spencer and Roger Schroeder
We will be attending the state shoot this year-explained practice hrs needed
Decided on Adopt-A-River for conservation board and community service-Abbie Burley and David Schroeder to post info.
Explained project day 2012

Discussed when to start practice days at Lakeshore Gun Club
Working on plans for the spring kickoff day May 12th at the Mountain Man Fort in Palisade
Making plans for a booth at the Lakeshore gun club's youth outdoor expo on June 9th