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April 27, 2012

4-H Horse PDC April 2012 meeting

Treasures Report- As of 4-24 we have $3,273.85


Hipology and Judging- Senior horsebowl might form a hipology team.

Horse Bowl- went to state, said it was really fun but tough competition! Lost both rounds but not by to much! GOOD JOB!
*She's collecting horse bowl binders!

Clinics- had the attire clinic friday, went good! Tyler and Lataya put it on and they did an amazing job!
*The grooming clinic is set for May 4th but we aren't sure if that is going to happen yet. So stay posted for if it is on or off.
-Also clinics are starting up on June 7th, every thursday at 7pm.

Drill Team- They are going to have a quad team this year. Practice starts May 10th at 6pm.

Fun Show- June 23rd
*Need volunteers in Kitchen. *Also! The programs are done, well a rough draft is done. Bridget will be sending out letters for us,... I think? to let us know what we have to do. This program will be cool because parents can submit photos and stuff of their kids with funny sayings or words of encouragement
(Here's where things got confusing..)** We made a motion to accept Impressions printing bid of $185 for 200 books.** But we amended it before we decided on getting 200 books.. It was seconded and motion passed.

New Business

Bonus trip application- Me, Alexis and Tyler are meeting up and putting it together. *Email cool pictures of any cool events we do*

Llama show- we made a motion to allow llama club to use our equipment with the understanding that if anything breaks they will fix it. Motion seconded.

Jeanne opened the can of worms about the horse PDC being a club, or staying a committee..dun dun dun. More on that next time.

Upcoming dates-
April 27th-29th- Horse Expo
May 10th- first night of drill team practice 6pm
May 15th- drill team practice 6pm
May 22- Horse PDC meeting at 7pm
May 24th-Drill team practice at 6pm
May 31st- Camp Shamineau
June 7th Drill team practice.
-first clinic/ English Clinic

Secretary -Kiana

April 24, 2012

March 27th Horse PDC meeting

Minutes from March 27th Horse PDC meeting
• Horsebowl‐ the remainder of the budget is going towards buying official resources (Horse Science
• Clinics‐ Clinics are meeting Thursday nights at 7. Most of the clinicians are chosen.
*Grooming clinic is May 4th at 6:30. PDC is sponsoring pizza. Older members would be helping.
• Drill Team‐ Started picking out songs
• Fun Show‐ Concessions need volunteers!! June 23rd
*Motion made to have the fun show on the 4th Saturday of June every year. Motion Passed.
• Decorations for State Stalls‐ Going to try and dye old fabric.
Old Business
‐The horse bowl Junior team won 1st round and lost second. Senior team won and are now going to
state. A big thank you to Alexis Visser for all the time and effort she puts in to it!!
‐St. Patricks day parade was said to be very fun and would like to do it again next year.
‐The mini horse guidelines are out, Email Jeanne for more information.
**Scholarships** We made a clarification in the motion we made about scholarships. It now states
‐*A person will get two 25$ scholarships per year. It can be used for a 4‐H learning experience's,
such as; Verndale Boot Camp, Camp Shamineau, State Horse Show, Winter Round up, and etc...
Members must participate in ONE PDC fundraiser within the past year and must request the funds in
‐Cloverbud Show‐ Moved that trial basis is added to the fair on Tuesday and Wednesday of the fair
week. There will be two classes each day. (Halter, lead line, and then 2 game classes on Wednesday)
Motion seconded. *They can trailer in each separate day, or just stay there.
New Business
‐Bridget and Kerri Beach came up with an idea to create a program that includes all the information
about the 4‐H and when shows are. But, it would be used to get peoples business's advertised in the
‐English Showmanship will be added as a new class this year. Motion was made to add English
Showmanship, Saddle Seat Equitation and Pleasure, Western Pleasure ‐Pleasure Type class. Motion
‐Down at State the MFHA(Judging arena) is tore down, and they are building a new one.
‐A wood board is being placed down at the gate by the arena where we enter in. It will have the patterns
and stuff on it.
Upcoming Dates
May 15th‐ HORSE ID's are DUE! with new photos of horse.
May 22nd‐ Horse PDC meeting. 7pm.
May 31st‐ Shamineau Camp
June 12th‐14th‐ MQHA Boot Camp

April 11, 2012

Daggett Brook 4-H meeting - April 2012

The Daggett Brook 4-H Club held their monthly meeting on April 9th, 2012 at the Daggett Brook Townhall.

Emelia Hinrichs demonstrated how to make pom poms. Hannah Hinrichs gave a demonstration on how to make homemade bubble wands. Madeline Hinrichs demonstrated how to make flowers out of duct tape. Jalen Elmslander demonstrated how he makes things with his string. Jessica Otto talked about her 6 week old bunnies. Connor Becker talked about removing goat horns.

Lindsey Raddatz reported on the tree cookies.

The club decided to do the Adopt a Highway before the next meeting. The club will meet at 5:00 and then have hotdogs afterwards. The club will serve bars and refreshments at the Heartland Symphony on April 15th. The club will be doing the brat sale in Garrison on Aug. 17th and 18th. Summer camp registration is due by April 27th. Animal ID's are due on May 15th. Project add/drop deadline in May 1st.

Special recognition was given to Veronica Nelson as the Crow Wing County Jr. Dairy Princess and Raychel Raddatz and Josh Studniski were recognized as the Crow Wing County Dairy Ambassadors.

Refreshments were served after the meeting.

The next meeting will be held on May 14th at 7:00 p.m. at the Daggett Brook Townhall.

Reported by:

Reilley Hettver

Club Reporter

April 2, 2012

Emily Mighty Minnows March Meeting

March 27, 2012

In attendance: Sadie, Les, Riley, Suzie, Shaun, Trevor, Adian, Hailey, Drew, Tabby, Abby, guest: Paige

Before the meeting, the kids signed 2 thank you cards that are being sent to Lakers Lions and Emily Fire Dept. for their monetary donations to our club.
Drew called the mtg. to order, flag pledges and roll call were done.
Upcoming events were discussed: federation mtg in Brainerd, April 23, Care & Share supper we are to help with on May 2nd, and the Rock & Mineral Show in Aitkin that we will attend May 5th for our field trip.
We held our first voting in for officers. Tammi went over what the responsibilities of each officers entails. The kids then raised their hand if interested for a certain office they would like to be elected into. Each member went into the "voting room" individually to vote. Each position was filled except Treasurer, which we will do another voting for in April when a couple older members will be attending, so they would have an opportunity to run for that position and vote. Also, voting for special committee chair positions will occur at that mtg. as well.
The results from voting were: Sadie, President, Riley, V. President, Abby, Secretary, Drew, Historian, Suzie, Event Planning
Snack was distributed during voting time.
Mandi went over in the photo curriculum book the assignment the kids need to do in chapter 2, giving examples and answering questions the kids had about the assignment. Because we will have a guest speaker next month coming, the project won't be due till May's mtg.
Riley shared her beautiful pencil and colored marker drawings in a book she has compiled. She answered questions about her talent and artwork.
Les brought in some eggs his guinea hens have been laying recently, to show to all.