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4-H Horse PDC April 2012 meeting

Treasures Report- As of 4-24 we have $3,273.85


Hipology and Judging- Senior horsebowl might form a hipology team.

Horse Bowl- went to state, said it was really fun but tough competition! Lost both rounds but not by to much! GOOD JOB!
*She's collecting horse bowl binders!

Clinics- had the attire clinic friday, went good! Tyler and Lataya put it on and they did an amazing job!
*The grooming clinic is set for May 4th but we aren't sure if that is going to happen yet. So stay posted for if it is on or off.
-Also clinics are starting up on June 7th, every thursday at 7pm.

Drill Team- They are going to have a quad team this year. Practice starts May 10th at 6pm.

Fun Show- June 23rd
*Need volunteers in Kitchen. *Also! The programs are done, well a rough draft is done. Bridget will be sending out letters for us,... I think? to let us know what we have to do. This program will be cool because parents can submit photos and stuff of their kids with funny sayings or words of encouragement
(Here's where things got confusing..)** We made a motion to accept Impressions printing bid of $185 for 200 books.** But we amended it before we decided on getting 200 books.. It was seconded and motion passed.

New Business

Bonus trip application- Me, Alexis and Tyler are meeting up and putting it together. *Email cool pictures of any cool events we do*

Llama show- we made a motion to allow llama club to use our equipment with the understanding that if anything breaks they will fix it. Motion seconded.

Jeanne opened the can of worms about the horse PDC being a club, or staying a committee..dun dun dun. More on that next time.

Upcoming dates-
April 27th-29th- Horse Expo
May 10th- first night of drill team practice 6pm
May 15th- drill team practice 6pm
May 22- Horse PDC meeting at 7pm
May 24th-Drill team practice at 6pm
May 31st- Camp Shamineau
June 7th Drill team practice.
-first clinic/ English Clinic

Secretary -Kiana