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Emily Mighty Minnows March Meeting

March 27, 2012

In attendance: Sadie, Les, Riley, Suzie, Shaun, Trevor, Adian, Hailey, Drew, Tabby, Abby, guest: Paige

Before the meeting, the kids signed 2 thank you cards that are being sent to Lakers Lions and Emily Fire Dept. for their monetary donations to our club.
Drew called the mtg. to order, flag pledges and roll call were done.
Upcoming events were discussed: federation mtg in Brainerd, April 23, Care & Share supper we are to help with on May 2nd, and the Rock & Mineral Show in Aitkin that we will attend May 5th for our field trip.
We held our first voting in for officers. Tammi went over what the responsibilities of each officers entails. The kids then raised their hand if interested for a certain office they would like to be elected into. Each member went into the "voting room" individually to vote. Each position was filled except Treasurer, which we will do another voting for in April when a couple older members will be attending, so they would have an opportunity to run for that position and vote. Also, voting for special committee chair positions will occur at that mtg. as well.
The results from voting were: Sadie, President, Riley, V. President, Abby, Secretary, Drew, Historian, Suzie, Event Planning
Snack was distributed during voting time.
Mandi went over in the photo curriculum book the assignment the kids need to do in chapter 2, giving examples and answering questions the kids had about the assignment. Because we will have a guest speaker next month coming, the project won't be due till May's mtg.
Riley shared her beautiful pencil and colored marker drawings in a book she has compiled. She answered questions about her talent and artwork.
Les brought in some eggs his guinea hens have been laying recently, to show to all.