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July 31, 2012

Baxter Sandpipers 4-H Club with fishing guide Dale Ruehling

Baxter Sandpipers fishins guide 010.jpg Baxter Sandpipers fishins guide 011.jpg Baxter Sandpipers fishins guide 012.jpg Baxter Sandpipers fishins guide 013.jpg Baxter Sandpipers fishins guide 001.jpg Baxter Sandpipers fishins guide 002.jpg Baxter Sandpipers fishins guide 003.jpg Baxter Sandpipers fishins guide 004.jpg Baxter Sandpipers fishins guide 006.jpg Baxter Sandpipers fishins guide 007.jpg
Baxter Sandpipers fishins guide 008.jpg Baxter Sandpipers fishins guide 009.jpg Baxter Sandpipers fishins guide 005.jpg

July 23, 2012

Alexis Visser - Dan Patch Top 10 Finalist!

Congratulations to Alexis Visser for being selected as one of the Top 10 Finalists in the Dan Patch Award Program!

Since 1966, one member of the 4-H horse project has been awarded the Dan Patch Award. The award is based on the individuals overall achievement, leadership, and service and annually recognize outstanding youth leadership in the MN 4-H horse program.

The recipient will have exhibited a broad base of Learning, Leadership and Service experiences within the 4-H horse project, other 4-H project areas and within their community. The recipient will also show a commitment to continuous improvement in their individual life skills and to the 4-H program, especially in the Horse project.
Alexis Visser from Pequot Lakes, MN, and has been a 4-H member for 9 years. Alexis enjoys riding horses in saddle seat, pleasure, gaming, and western heritage; her other areas of interest include downhill skiing, veterinary science, youth leadership, nutrition science, shop, performing arts, and knowledge bowl.

She has held many different leadership positions over those years, including: Club President, Treasurer, and Reporter; Crow Wing County Horse Project Development Committee Chair and Vice Chair, Minnesota 4-H Horse Association Board of Directors as youth chair of the Expo Tack Sale and Western Heritage Program.

A few of her service projects include church youth group activities, teaching ski camp at Ski Gull annually, raising money for Relay for Life, giving pony rides at resorts in the summer, and volunteering her time and knowledge teaching other members. She enjoys seeing younger members grow in their skills each year and helping them achieve a better performance.

Alexis is extremely excited to represent Crow Wing County and the Minnesota 4-H Horse Program this year as a Dan Patch Top 10 Finalist.

July 9, 2012

CWC 2012 Dog Show Results

Beginner Agility
Danielle Palmer- Grand Champ
Morena Hammer- Reserve Champ
Kelsi Berquist- White
Rachel Danielson- White
Laura Halvorson- White

Elementary Agility
Jenny Hendrrickson (Toby)- GC
Seth Kreutzfeldt (Phoebe)- RC
Sarah Virnig (Hailey)- Red
Esther Krestzfeldt- White

Intermediate Agility
Natasha Gallett- GC

Senior Agility
Jenny Hendrickson (Baxter)- GC
Sarah Virnig (Hope)- RC
Seth Kreutzfeldt (Yenta)- R
Cheyenne Wilson- W

Jumpers 1
Natasha Gallett- GC
Jenny Hendrickson(Toby)- RC
Kelsi Berquist- B
Morena Hammer- B
Seth Kreutzfelt (Phoebe)-B
Danielle Palmer- B
Rachel Danielson- R
Laura Halvorson- R

Jumpers 2
Esther Kreutzfeldt- R
Sarah Virnig- W

Jumpers 3
Seth Kreutzfeldt (Yenta)- GC
Sarah Virnig (Hope) - RC
Cheyenne Wilson- R

Beginner A Obedience
Conner Becker- GC
Broque Smith- RC
Teryn Weinhandl-

Beginner B Obedience
Sheridan Wilson- GC
Olivia Lundgren- RC
Rachel Danielson (Basil)- R
Esther Kreutzfeldt (Triss)-R
Samantha Meier- R

Grad beginner Obedience
Jenny Hendrickson (Toby)- GC
Kelsi Bergquist- R
Rachel Danielson (Duke)-R
Morena Hammer- R
Seth Kreutzfeldt (Phoebe)-R
Danielle Palmer- R

Novice Obedience
Esther Kreutzfeldt- GC
Laura Halvorson- R

Grad Novice Obedience
Natasha Gallett- R

Pre-Open Obedience
Seth Kreutzfeldt (Yenta)- GC
Sarah Virnig (Hailey)-R

Open Obedience
Jenny Hendrickson (Baxter)- R
Sarah Virnig (Hailey)-R

Brace Obedience
Sarah Virnig- GC
Sheridan Wilson- RC
Seth Kreutzfeldt- R

4-Dog Team
Blue team- GC
Natasha Gallett
Jenny Hendrickson
Cheyenne Wilson
Seth Kreutzfeldt

White team- Red
Sheridan Wilson
Morena Hammer
Kelsi Bergquist
Samantha Meier

Red team- Red
Esther Kreutzfeldt
Sarah Virnig
Danielle Palmer
Rachel Danielson

Novice Showmanship
Conner Becker- GC
Broque Smith- RC
Olivia Lundgren- R

Open Showmanship
Sheridan Wilson- GC
Sarah Virnig- RC
Esther Kreutzfeldt- B
Seth Kreutzfeldt- B
Danielle Palmer- B
Cheyenne Wilson- B
Rachel Danielson- R

Pre-Novice Rally
Jenny Hendrickson (Toby)- GC
Sheridan Wilson- RC
Broque Smith- B
Teryn Weinhandl- B
Samantha Meier- B
Conner Becker- R
Rachel Danielson (Basil)- W

Novice Rally
Danielle Palmer- GC
Morena Hammer- RC
Kelsi Bergquist- B
Rachel Danielson (Duke)-B
Laura halvorson- B
Olivia Lundgren- B

Pre-Advanced Rally
Natasha Gallett- GC
Seth Kreutzfeldt (Yenta)-RC
Jenny Hendrickson (Baxter)-B
Seth Kreutzfeldt (Phoebe)-B
Cheyenne Wilson-B
Esther Kreutzfeldt- R

Advanced Rally
Sarah Virnig (Hope)- GC
Sarah Virnig (Hailey)-RC

Family Dog
Teryn Weinhandl- Champion
Conner Becker- Reserve Champion
Broque Smith- B