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CWC 4-H Horse PDC October meeting

Horse PDC meeting Minutes 10/23/2012

The meeting started early with a presentation from Renee Kostick on what the role of a PDC is. It serves as an advisory voice to the Federation; it is to provide education and events. (CWC does this)

The topic of how items get voted on was addressed... to vote and motion, you must be a 4H youth or 4H adult member AND enrolled in the Horse Project. (CWC does this)

A few things that are getting discussed statewide are....
• POINT SYSTEM... still in the discussion phase but they are looking at creating 3 systems that each County could choose from depending on what works best for them. The decision on which of the 3 will get used will come from the Counties Horse PDC committee.
• PARTICIPATION POINTS... this is still in the investigative stage Statewide. The reason for this is to look at how restrictive and what will be too restrictive or not restrictive enough on earning participation points to be State eligible.
• Mini Shows - at this point there are for sure at least 2 clinics and 2 regional shows that will happen, after that it is basically still in the growing phase. Counties are encouraged to add some mini classes to their shows.
• Dressage and Reining are in the investigative stage and they might start making a rise in the future.
• There is a PDC webinar coming up in December...
• The State PDC is bringing in 2 Regional Horse Meetings per year. Many clubs are not familiar with all of the different Horse Project functions so the first one is the 2nd Saturday of January and the second one is sometime in April. The goal for this is to get the counties in the region to share knowledge and ideas.

Secretary's report was passed out. Correction was made in the Drill team report... Tanya stepped down and Rene, Tammy, and Kerri will be taking it over rather then Lataya and Tyler taking it over. Addition was made that Kerri will print up a thank you for Jessica Olson since this has not yet been done.

Treasurer's report was read. Balance of $5,694.35 as of 10/22/2012 with 2 outstanding bills, one for Rene for material and one for Lataya for her State Scholarship. Additional monies coming in from the 'Halloween at the Ranch fundraiser'.

sign up sheets were passed out for people to volunteer to serve. The sub committee chair persons are...
• Hippology and Judging - Denise Reeser
• Achievement and Records - Tammy Blazek
• Fun Show - Kerri Beach
• Decorations/Stall Curtains - Rene Goedderz
• Western Heritage - Alexis Visser
• Horse Bowl - Alexis Visser
• Drill Team - Tammy, Rene, Kerri
• Fundraising - Bridgett Crabtree
• Orientation - Officers
• Clinics - Lataya Goedderz
• Participation Points - Tammy Blazek
• Handbook/Premium Book - Tammy Blazek
• Judge Recommendation - Jami Becker

Budget - Denise Reeser motioned that the new officer team along with volunteers go over and plan the budget to be ready for the November meeting. Cheyenne Wilson seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Inventory - Tammy was doing inventory. Kerri noted that there were several personal items that went missing during state. Please be sure to look and make sure your stuff belongs to you. If you did not bring it there, but now have it, be sure to find the owner.
Point-System - Jamie Johnson motioned to table the Point System discussion until we hear from State about any changes. Denise Reeser seconded the motion. Motion passed

Election of officers - new officers were elected as follows
• Chairperson - Lataya Goedderz
• Vice Chair - Korbyn D'Ambrogio
• Secretary - Maddie Atwater
• Treasurer - Alexis Visser

Congratulations Officers we look forward to you leading us through another successful year of 4H Horse Project fun and learning.