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December 31, 2012

SS/W PDC Meeting Minutes, Dec 16, 2012

SS/W PDC minutes for Dec 16th - Gander Mtn
submitted by David Schroeder

Nancy spoke about the pampered chef fundraiser and Alyssa will send thank yous to everyone who supported us.
Nancy spoke about enrolled and the list she gets through the county.
We spoke about the Friends of the NRA banquet set for March 14th at Breezy Point and asked for youth help with flyers and the auction.
Palisade Day is set for May 4th - this is for all youth enrolled in the SS/W project. Details to follow.
Aimee spoke about closing the Hot Shots and what needs to be done.
We scheduled an event for youth in the SS/W project for Jan 26th at the Trailside building in Pequot. Instructors will be going over safety with youth, there will be youth presentations, wildlife hours and and a potluck meal.
We spoke about fundraising and working towards a trailer for our equipment. Kim is working on the letters.

Next meeting is set for Feb 10th 3:00 Gander Mtn

December 20, 2012

4-H Horse PDC Webinar Notes

Here are the notes taken from the state-wide PDC meeting in December. Since that time Renee Kostick shared that the information for the pilot points system will be available in January. Any county that wishes to use previous year's data in trying several points systems will be allowed to do so.

Horse PDC Webinar Notes
December 3rd, 2012

-Reviewed the county PDC structure, and how they can work efficiently/effectively.

-How the 4-H State Horse Association will change-
*The purpose is to raise funds on a state wide basis.
*Plan and promote the Horse PDC.
*The structure is to promote good education for all.

-The new regional system- WILL BE HELD JANUARY 12 FROM 10AM-1PM AT GRAND RAPIDS. (Sawmill Inn)
*New members will be voted in.
*Anyone who shows up can vote.
*There is no age requirement.
* TWO adults and TWO youth will be elected at the meeting for the state Horse PDC.
*The goal is to find a way to promote educational information among counties, and have time to discuss needs and problems.

-Horse Ethics Curriculum-
*To enhance the appearance and performance of horse and rider.
*Discuss all the options and possibilities.
*Reduce the number of ethical issues.
*Need to make changes to the curriculum or make it mandatory.

-Request for counties to pilot a points system...There is nothing set yet.
Waiting for counties to share their feedback!
**This new system will probably be set after the county fair of 2013.**

December 5, 2012

4-H CWC Horse PDC Meeting December 2012

Horse PDC Meeting 12-5-2012

Meeting called to order.
Motion made and seconded to "dispense reading of minutes since it was emailed out" - Passed
Treasurer report read. Alexis was asked to put together a budget. Motion made and seconded to "Set a clinic budget amount at $1350.00" - Passed
Motion made and seconded to "approve the budget" - Passed
New President welcomed and thanked all for attending the PDC meeting.
Committee reports were reported on as follows...
Drill Team - holding a few game shows as fundraisers for the drill team, discussed the need to start earlier and hold more practices, discussed new State rules, discussed costumes - County and State different and adding more bling.
Clinics - discussion on too many kids for 1 clinician, holding clinics before drill practice, splitting by ability, experienced 4H helping clinician with novice 4H, good clinicians that have judging experience.
State Deco - no meetings yet
Fundraising - no meetings yet for general - Milk booth: doing with Dog again, after the first of the year Donna will be making sponsor calls.
Fun Show - no meetings yet, emails with ideas happening. Possible food stand sharing with other counties. Split into 2 days, set alternate date.
Judge Recommendation - no meetings yet. Better to do via emails based on chair working nights. Alexis offered to start the emails going to the committee.
Hippology & Judging - no meetings yet
Horse bowl - no meetings yet. New materials have been budgeted.
State Show - changes are coming - attend the webinar. Winter Round-up is Jan 25-27 in Grand Rapids. Drill Team performing before the Parade, not sure how the team will be decided. Next meeting Jan. 12, 2013 in Grand Rapids. Dan Patch is splitting into 2 divisions, grades 6-9 and 10+, Alexis will help you with applications if you are interested. Horsebowl and hippology will be getting additional reference materials.
Western heritage - no meetings yet.
Achievement and Records - no meetings yet.
Handbook and Premium Book - get information to Tammy if you have anything.
Participation Points - no meetings yet.
Orientation - Speakers lined up as follows...
• Horsebowl Team
• Hippology - Sierra Hynes
• Judging - Rylee Minton
• Clinics - Kerri Beach
• Fun Show - Tyler Blazek
PDC will provide beverages and Tyler will bake some goodies, anyone is welcome to bring goodies too. This is to take place in February at the PDC meeting.

Old business:
Motion made and seconded to "form a point system committee in case the state passes something down that will effect our system that we need to act on" - Passed
Potential members if the committee is needed after the webinar are
• Kathy Bernier
• Alexis Visser
• Kerri Beach
• Tammy Blazek
• Tyler Blazek
• Rene Goedderz
• Denise Reeser

No other old business was addressed.

New business:
Jackie & Aimee will be speaking about mini shows - most likely in March would work best.

US Bank has grant money they want to give for anything that will benefit 4H. Cindy Terwilliger will be writing this up and will include our requests. Give Cheyenne Wilson ideas. Some items discussed were Arena Sand, Awning, Clinicians, Speakers and PA System.
Motion made and seconded to "table State Grant topic for a future meeting" - Passed

Horse PDC should have representation at the Federation meetings held on the 4th Monday of November, February, April, June, and September. This is been done by the Vice Chair in the past and it should be one of that officers duties.

Thank you campaign is to send 5 Thank Yous to major contributors of the Horse Project either financial or otherwise... Cheyenne Wilson offered to write the Thank Yous and send out to...
• JB Western - always helping with High Point, discounts, prizes.
• Kemps - milk supplier
• Mills - Milk Booth area
• Jennifer Chisolm - stepping right into the judges ring to help our show last year
• Fair board - use of the Arena, buildings, barns.

Motion made and seconded to " purchase 2 of the 3-tier saddle racks during a huge sale to be used at State for $49.95 each. Passed. Tammy and Bridget will purchase and get reimbursed.

Next Meeting - December 3, 2012 for State PDC webinar 6:30pm Land Services Building

Meeting Adjourned.