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4-H Horse PDC Webinar Notes

Here are the notes taken from the state-wide PDC meeting in December. Since that time Renee Kostick shared that the information for the pilot points system will be available in January. Any county that wishes to use previous year's data in trying several points systems will be allowed to do so.

Horse PDC Webinar Notes
December 3rd, 2012

-Reviewed the county PDC structure, and how they can work efficiently/effectively.

-How the 4-H State Horse Association will change-
*The purpose is to raise funds on a state wide basis.
*Plan and promote the Horse PDC.
*The structure is to promote good education for all.

-The new regional system- WILL BE HELD JANUARY 12 FROM 10AM-1PM AT GRAND RAPIDS. (Sawmill Inn)
*New members will be voted in.
*Anyone who shows up can vote.
*There is no age requirement.
* TWO adults and TWO youth will be elected at the meeting for the state Horse PDC.
*The goal is to find a way to promote educational information among counties, and have time to discuss needs and problems.

-Horse Ethics Curriculum-
*To enhance the appearance and performance of horse and rider.
*Discuss all the options and possibilities.
*Reduce the number of ethical issues.
*Need to make changes to the curriculum or make it mandatory.

-Request for counties to pilot a points system...There is nothing set yet.
Waiting for counties to share their feedback!
**This new system will probably be set after the county fair of 2013.**