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SS/W PDC Meeting Minutes, Dec 16, 2012

SS/W PDC minutes for Dec 16th - Gander Mtn
submitted by David Schroeder

Nancy spoke about the pampered chef fundraiser and Alyssa will send thank yous to everyone who supported us.
Nancy spoke about enrolled and the list she gets through the county.
We spoke about the Friends of the NRA banquet set for March 14th at Breezy Point and asked for youth help with flyers and the auction.
Palisade Day is set for May 4th - this is for all youth enrolled in the SS/W project. Details to follow.
Aimee spoke about closing the Hot Shots and what needs to be done.
We scheduled an event for youth in the SS/W project for Jan 26th at the Trailside building in Pequot. Instructors will be going over safety with youth, there will be youth presentations, wildlife hours and and a potluck meal.
We spoke about fundraising and working towards a trailer for our equipment. Kim is working on the letters.

Next meeting is set for Feb 10th 3:00 Gander Mtn