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Shooting Sports/Wildlife Management PDC meeting - Feb. 2013

SS/W PDC Minutes - Feb 17th Gander Mtn 3:00-4:30
Submitted by David Schroeder

Sign in - Alyssa Burley
Minutes read by David Schroeder
We did not receive a treasurer report
Nancy talked about the Pelican Lake Club invite and who would like to go.
We decided to pre-pay for training and discussed who will go for instructors and who will take the Minn Aqua
Nancy spoke of the need for release forms for all youth and asked for adult help to get them signed
Nancy spoke about Project Wild and how we can learn more about it.
We spoke about the trailer and where we are with getting one. We will be sending out an email to all members asking for 2 more suggestions from each for sponsors.
We will meet at the Trailside in Pequot Lakes again on March 23rd from 1-4 and will include a snack.
Alyssa and Aimee will be working on packets that will be filled with contact information for leaders and instructors and will be given to all families in the SS/W project.
We spoke about having each youth fill out their wildlife hours form Jan 26th in Pequot Lakes.
Next SS/W PDC meeting - April 14th 3:00pm Gander Mtn Baxter