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May 7, 2013

Share the Fun 2013


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Ambassadors and Audience Members

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Two clubs will be representing CWC at the MN State Fair this year. Black Bear and Pequot Lakes Eagles.

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May 6, 2013

SS/W PDC minutes for April 2013

SS/W PDC minutes submitted by David Schroeder

April 28th,2013 - Gander Mtn 3:00pm
Minutes read by David Schroeder
Treasurer report - Marissa Spencer - looks like our deposit was repeated- Marissa will verify.
Nancy & David spoke at Pelican Lake 4-H club and read thank you sent to us.
Alyssa, Aimee and Jason Burley took instructor training in April, Hackensack training was cancelled.
All youth are responsible for their wildlife hours and more hours will be done as a group.
Alyssa showed us the new contact books that she and Aimee have worked on.
Youth expo on June 8th at the Lakeshore Conservation Club- we will have a booth this year.
Adopt A River is June 2nd 2:00 at Kiwanis Park - email sent to all project members.
Still working on grants and donation letter for the trailer.
Instructors worked on needs for their books and setting up first practice schedule.
Next meeting scheduled for May 19th, 3:00pm at Mills Indoor Shooting Range.