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June 26, 2013

Mills 4-K Run - donates to 4-H!

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June 19, 2013

4-H Horse PDC, April 2013

Horse PDC Meeting: April 23rd, 2013
Meeting called to order.
Motion made to accept secretary's report, and treasurer's report.
Sub Committees:
Drill Team- nothing
State Deco- nothing
Fundraising- We were turned down by the U.S. Bank.
Fun Show- The show bill is finalized. We are going to have Rosets for pleasure classes, and trophies for high-point.
Hipology/Judging- Some of the girls from Cass County will be joining.
Horse Bowl- Turn your binder in to the extension office if you haven't already.
State Show- nothing
Western Heritage- Schedule is on the 4-H website.
Achievement and Records- nothing
Handbook/Premium Book- Taking out the tandem bareback class out.
Participation Points- nothing
Regional Meeting- nothing
Tack Swap- nothing
Unfinished Business: Do we want to do the 6 or 10 point system? We need to talk to the judge about the blue ribbons when the shows start. Carol Palmer wanted more information for the bonus trip.
New Business: Ask Kerri if she is willing to do the program book again.
Also, there was a motion made to send out thank you's throughout the year to businesses who contributed or supported the Horse Project.
Meeting adjourned.