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September 25, 2013

Daggett Brook 4-H Club


Left to Right
Front Row: Brook Reeser, Hannah Hinrichs, Jaime DeRosier, Brooke Schubert, Hannah Schubert, Erin Studniski, Lake Pringle, Nathan Nash, Kyle Caughey, Daric Caughey, Joseph Caughey

Second Row: MaryEmma Reeser, Alexis Schroer, Hayden Carlson, Lillian Pringle, Angela Studniski, Madison McKinney, Andrew Caughey, Conner Becker, Nicholas Nash, Jamison Young

Third Row: Emelia Hinrichs, Natalie Nash, Jessica Otto, Shelby Reeser, Jenna Caughey, Madeline Hinrichs, Elizabeth Studniski, Hanna Caughey, Jeron Schubert, Everett Pringle, Simon Nelson, Thomas Hoffman, Arica Caughey

Fourth Row: Patrick Hoffman, Kirsten Schroer, Raychel Raddatz, Kaysie Carlson, Veronica Nelson, Josh Studniski, Levi Raddatz, Josh Hoffman, Grace Studniski, Hannah Studniski, Reilley Hettver, John Paul Nelson

Key Leaders: Heather & Jami Becker

Absent: Shane Carlson, Abbey Foust, Ashley Foust, TJ Graves, Addison Hillman, Avy Lease, Michelle Zugschwert, Jadyn Young

September 23, 2013

Anna Schwalbe and her angora goats

By Reese Wicklund Black Bear 4-H Club

The Nisswa Black Bear 4-H Club recently learned about club member Anna Schwalbe's angora goats by visiting them.

"Me and my mom have always wanted goats, but we did not know which kind to get," Schwalbe said.

Through their research, Schwalbe found she didn't want meat goats because they would not keep them as long as they would the angoras. They didn't want dairy goats because they would have to milk them two times per day.

Schwalbe soon began to love the angoras. When she went to pick out her angoras she found Bobbin, which they mated with a huge male angora. Bobbin had two goats, a boy and a girl, which they named Jack and Jill.

Schwalbe thought four goats would be a great number to have, so they also got Ilene. Jack and Jill are white, and Ilene and Bobbin are gray and black.

Schwalbe got all of her goats set up on her little goat farm near Nisswa, and she soon got the hang of what she was supposed to do with the goats.

She feeds her goats half crack corn and whole wheat oats two times a day. For a treat they love peanuts, especially Bobbin. She bucks and kicks just to get her favorite treat.
Jack likes them, too, and he will take a good amount of peanuts. Ilene also will eat a lot of them. Jill is shy; she does not like to be touched, but she will eat a few.

Schwalbe will shear her goats two times a year and sell their wool. There is about 10 pounds of fleece on one adult. They also clip their hooves once a month.

Schwalbe loves her goats and plans to keep showing them at the Crow Wing County Fair.

This is one of Anna Schwalbe's angora goats.

Anna Schwalbe owns four angora goats and keeps them in an area marked "Anna's Angoras."

Anna Schwalbe showed her angora goats to Black Bear 4-H Club members, including Peyton Wicklund, Reese Wicklund and Kelsey Berquist.

September 18, 2013

CWC at 4-H State Shoot

The Adopt-a-River project that the CWC SS/W PDC presented at the state shoot placed third among all counties. The PDC had cleaned along the Mississippi River by Kiwonis Park for several years.

Adopt a River board 2013 state shoot.JPG DSC03276.JPG

Abbie Burley and David Schroeder presented the board for review during the state shoot.

state shoot participants minus Nathan A 2013.JPG

Pariticpants (and parents/instructors) pictured are Jason Walkowiak- PDC member, Roger Schroeder- PDC member and instructor, Abbie Burley- PDC member and state shoot participant, Cam Walkowiak- PDC member and participant who placed 6th in archery, Alyssa Burley- PDC member and participant who placed 4th in archery and .22, David Schroeder- PDC member and participant who placed 2nd in .22 and Black Powder, and Jason Burley- PDC member and instructor. 4-Her must put in 15 hours of time working with an instructor to be able to participate at the state shoot.

state shoot- with Nathan.JPG

David Schroeder, Jason Burley and Nathan Anderson during the state shoot.

September 6, 2013

At the 2013 State Fair





September 5, 2013

4-H Chef for a Day event at MN State Fair

Morgan-Taylor Mudget-Isabelle Glover- Chef-for-a-day.JPG

Morgan & Taylor Mudgett and Isabelle Glover in the Chef-for-a-day event