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4-H Volunteer Training, October 12, 2013

There were 13 participants in this week's volunteer training session, Quality Matters: In Chocolate and 4-H Programs. We had 6 youth and 7 adults representing 4 clubs: Black Bear, Baxter Sandpipers, Daggett Brook and Pequot Lakes Eagles.


Quality Matters: In Chocolate and 4-H Programs

Quality matters when it comes to youth programs. In fact research has found that poor quality youth programs are not neutral but rather can have a negative effect on participants. Fortunately, there is a growing body of evidence revealing what "Quality" looks like, why young people in quality programs rate their experiences more positively and stay engaged longer, and how staff and volunteers can ensure they are offering experiences that truly engage young people. In addition to sharing research findings, participants in this session will identify elements of quality existing or lacking in their own clubs or groups and consider how they can improve quality to ensure positive outcomes for young people. Chocolate provided!