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January 21, 2014

4-H Sewing Project

4-H members from Black Bear, Eagles and Daggett Brook clubs met December 30 to learn about sewing and make potholders. Rylie taught them about patterns and grain line of fabric. Then Cindy, Rylie and Morena helped them make potholders.

Here's what the girls had to say about the project meeting:

Peyton - "We learned sewing techniques and about seams."

Madeline - "I learned how to lay out patterns."

Emelia - "We played a game to learn about the parts of the sewing machine."

Morena -"I learned more about the grain line of fabric. I had heard about it but now understand what it is."

Hannah - "I like sewing."

Reese - "Sewing is the most fun and yet difficult! Everybody should learn to sew!"

Rylie- "It was fun helping plan the meeting and making the potholders."

After reflection, the group decided next time they meet they will make mittens from recycled, wool sweaters.

Sewing 1.JPG Sewing 2.jpg

Sewing 3.JPG Sewing 4.JPG