Project Bowl 2014

Junior Poultry Team Coach Paul Fleming Team members: Abby Fleming, Haven Bernatsky, Everett Pringle, Lillian Pringle

Senior Poultry Team Coach Michelle Bernatsky Team members: Raychel Raddatz, Eric Simmons, Ben Bernatsky, Isaiah Bernatsky

Junior Dairy Team "Got Milk" Placed 4th out of 7. Coach Kris Schubert Team members: Hannah Schubert, Addison Hillman, Isabella Phillips, Andrew Caughey, Riley Hoskins, Elissa Pawlu, with Connie Hillman - Adult Helper.

Junior Dairy Team "Milk Fever" Placed 3rd out of 7. Coach Magnus Nelson Team members: Thomas Hofmann, Angela Studniski, Jenna Caughey, Daric Caughey, Lexi Hoskins, and J.T. Pawlu

Senior Dairy A Team Placed 2nd out of 6. Coach Maggie Wehseler. Team members: Josh Studniski, John Paul Nelson, Grace Studniski and Patrick Hofmann.

Senior Dairy B Team Placed 3rd of 6. Coach Ron Nelson. Team members: Veronica Nelson, Simon Nelson, Arica Caughey, Elizabeth Studniski, Madeline Hinrichs.

Senior Wildlife Team Placed 1st our of 4. Coach Susanne Hinrichs. Team members: Josh Hofmann, Jayden Young, Jamison Young, Levi Raddatz, Shania Villnow, and Emelia Hinrichs

Senior Dog Team Coach Donna Wilson Team members: Rachel Danielson, Kyla Pardhun, Sheridan Wilson, Esther Kreutzfeldt, Teryn Weinhandl, Jenny Hendrickson

Morrison-Crow Wing-General Livestock Team CWC members: Athena and Alisha Moe and Hannah Studniski.


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