Sewing Project, March meeting

Sewing Project Meeting

On March 23 Morena, Emelia, Peyton, Reese and Rylie met to learn how to sew mittens. They learned about characteristics of wool and why it is a good material for mittens.

After learning about wool they used recycled wool sweaters to make the outside of the mittens and the lining from fleece.

The cost of each pair of mittens was $4.00. These mittens could cost between $12 - $20 if purchased in a store.

Each of the girls was shown how to embellish the mittens. Some choose to embroider designs and others sewed on buttons.

Since this sewing activity was an educational experience, these 4-H members will be able to enter their mittens as a fair exhibit and tell the judge about the process.

This was a fun project. Next time this sewing group meets they will tour a fabric shop to learn about patterns and different types of fabric.

By Rylie Young


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