December 31, 2015

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4-H Clover Update July-August 2014

2014 4-H County Fair MILK BOOTH SIGNUP 2014 Milk Booth Sign Up SHEET

2014 4-H County Fair LIVESTOCK PDC SIGNUP YouthLivestockVolunteerS2014.pdf LivestockShowVolunteers2014.pdf

2014 4-H County Fair Premium Book Premium Book New Exemptions Policy

New this year, tweet us before and from the fair @CWC4H

How to Join 4-H in Crow Wing County
To enroll online and for User guides for Minnesota 4-H families: Quick start | Detailed instructions visit 4hOnline.
How to Join 4-H, 4-H Clubs in the Area, Family Handbook, Online access to 4H

4hbullet.gif CWC 4-H Calendar of Events

Look for OPPORTUNITY throughout the calendar for offerings not specific to Crow Wing County 4-H.

20-24 State Fair Livestock Encampment
21 - Sept 1 State Fair
26 State Horse participant meeting
26-28 State Fair General Encampment

6 MN Central Area District 4-H Horse Show, 9:00 a.m., Wadena County Fairgrounds Details and registration
6-7 State Shoot/Wildlife Invitational
12-15 State Horse Show
13-14 NE Livestock Show
20-21 State Dog Show
22 Federation meeting, 6:30, Land Services Building

28 Horse PDC, 6:30 p.m. subcommittees, 7:00 p.m., county fairgrounds