December 9, 2009

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Hey so i was thinking we should have livestock ambies too!!I would be all for it!!
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For this coming summer I'd really like to see if we can get a group of kids to stick to a planting project for its duration. We, as adults, would be a part of this just as advisors. I think a large group should be divided into smaller groups, each having their own plant goals. Maybe, our site would be the Care Center, or the Fair Grounds and we could do both container gardening as well as in the ground. Some vegies & some flowers. I would prefer not getting involved with any grants or groups advocating kids & gardening. NO paperwork. I'd like to figure out exactly what our needs would be, what needs to be purchased, what materials we have already and are willing to share. Once we know more, we can seek financing or contributions. Then, next year, we will have some solid info about kids & gardening.
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