October 14, 2011

CWC Livestock PDC meeting - October 2011

Submitted by Stephanie SeglerLivestock PDC Oct. 13, 2011 Minutes

Brian Sweet called to order the meeting. There was no secretary report. Treasurer's Report was
read by Stephanie Segler. Ending Balance $5,289.96, bills were submitted from NE Livestock.
Becky Moe made a motion to get all the bills paid from NE Livestock show. There is a Deposit
to be made of $500.00 for Wal‐mart Foundation donation for employee volunteer time. Other
bills were $100 premier showmanship, $2100 for State Fair Scholarships, and $2000 for NE
Show. Scholarships need to be transferred to Federation. No Report for Livestock
Ambassadors. NE Livestock show review - things for improvement - Wendy Holder suggested
having all Exhibitors at on hotel, Steve Moe said the committee has already addressed this for
next year and reserved the whole hotel. The bill has been submitted to NE Show Regional
Committee for $3894.00 and Ticket Sales for $652.00 to be paid to the PDC. Stalling or barn
cleaning needs to be addressed for next year, so that the Counties traveling the farthest need
to get going quicker. Spaghetti Fundraiser - Carl Larson will contact Becky Lapka about
contacting the church for use of the facilities and dates in March for the event. Carl Larson also
suggested getting the Food license for the 3 events ‐ Spaghetti Fundraiser, Rabbit Fun Show,
and NE Livestock for next year. Jeanne will be printing up the tickets 1 month ahead. Also
would like advertising to be done. Kathy Segler will fill out the Income Generation and Final
fundraiser forms. A committee was not set up at this time. Everyone should start getting
Auction items. Scholarship clarifications were needed for working at events for scholarships.
Becky made Motion that the Family needed to put in 4 hours and that a parent could work in
place of the youth. Motion seconded by Carl Larson. Election of officers took place with Austin
Moe as President, Billy Segler as V.P., Stephanie Segler as Secretary, and Athena Moe as
Treasurer. Yearly planning needed to be done for the new year. Steve Moe suggested keeping
things the way they were set up from the previous year, that everything had worked just fine.
Budget needs to be turned in by Nov 30th ‐ Kathy Segler will take care of this. Inventory needed
to be done also, nothing had changed except the purchase of the rabbit bowls for State fair.
Other business - Candy Larson and Kathy Segler volunteered to judge the Livestock records -
Stephanie and Kathy Segler will attend the Fall Volunteer Training on Sat. Oct. 15th. There will
be a Dec. 5 meeting on PDC Training at the Extension office 6:30‐9:30. Becky thought it would
be a good thing for all officers to attend this. Next PDC Meeting Jan. 11 at Brainerd Public
Utilities @ 7pm

May 2, 2011

State Livestock Project Bowl April 16

Morrison/Crow Wing Jr General Livestock team with CWC members; Athena & Alicia Moe. They participated in the state project bowl contest on Saturday, April 16 in Foley.

April 19, 2011

Rabbit Fun Show, April 9, 2011

Enjoy the scenes from Crow Wing County's Rabbit Fun Show held in Deerwood on April 9.

lambs and other stuff 178.JPG

lambs and other stuff 181.JPG

lambs and other stuff 182.JPG

lambs and other stuff 187.JPG

lambs and other stuff 191.JPG

lambs and other stuff 194.JPG

lambs and other stuff 197.JPG

March 16, 2011

General Livestock Project Bowl

General Livestock Project Bowl members participated at the Regional Project Bowl on March 5 in Foley. The boys team in their first year of competition placed 8th out of 15 teams for a 'very fine finish.' Team members are Jacob Kraklau, Billy Segler, Garrett & Dustin Sweet. The girls team General Livestock team was combined with Morrison County and placed 5th earning a spot in the state Project Bowl competition on April 16 in Foley. Crow Wing County members of the team were Alicia and Athena Moe.

1206620738_crow_wing_general_livestock_jr.jpg 1206625269_morrison_crow_wing_general_livestock_jr_acs.jpg

January 26, 2010

2010 Animal ID Affidavits and Information Sheets

you can locate the 2010 ID Affidavits and Information Sheets on each species project page. Start with the Animal Science page for convenience...

Then go to each individual species page, the names of the species (headings) are links (just put your cursor over the name and click). The information sheets and ID forms are in the upper right hand corner.