February 10, 2014

NE Invitational Project Bowl in Crookston


June 19, 2013

4-H Horse PDC, April 2013

Horse PDC Meeting: April 23rd, 2013
Meeting called to order.
Motion made to accept secretary's report, and treasurer's report.
Sub Committees:
Drill Team- nothing
State Deco- nothing
Fundraising- We were turned down by the U.S. Bank.
Fun Show- The show bill is finalized. We are going to have Rosets for pleasure classes, and trophies for high-point.
Hipology/Judging- Some of the girls from Cass County will be joining.
Horse Bowl- Turn your binder in to the extension office if you haven't already.
State Show- nothing
Western Heritage- Schedule is on the 4-H website.
Achievement and Records- nothing
Handbook/Premium Book- Taking out the tandem bareback class out.
Participation Points- nothing
Regional Meeting- nothing
Tack Swap- nothing
Unfinished Business: Do we want to do the 6 or 10 point system? We need to talk to the judge about the blue ribbons when the shows start. Carol Palmer wanted more information for the bonus trip.
New Business: Ask Kerri if she is willing to do the program book again.
Also, there was a motion made to send out thank you's throughout the year to businesses who contributed or supported the Horse Project.
Meeting adjourned.

December 20, 2012

4-H Horse PDC Webinar Notes

Here are the notes taken from the state-wide PDC meeting in December. Since that time Renee Kostick shared that the information for the pilot points system will be available in January. Any county that wishes to use previous year's data in trying several points systems will be allowed to do so.

Horse PDC Webinar Notes
December 3rd, 2012

-Reviewed the county PDC structure, and how they can work efficiently/effectively.

-How the 4-H State Horse Association will change-
*The purpose is to raise funds on a state wide basis.
*Plan and promote the Horse PDC.
*The structure is to promote good education for all.

-The new regional system- WILL BE HELD JANUARY 12 FROM 10AM-1PM AT GRAND RAPIDS. (Sawmill Inn)
*New members will be voted in.
*Anyone who shows up can vote.
*There is no age requirement.
* TWO adults and TWO youth will be elected at the meeting for the state Horse PDC.
*The goal is to find a way to promote educational information among counties, and have time to discuss needs and problems.

-Horse Ethics Curriculum-
*To enhance the appearance and performance of horse and rider.
*Discuss all the options and possibilities.
*Reduce the number of ethical issues.
*Need to make changes to the curriculum or make it mandatory.

-Request for counties to pilot a points system...There is nothing set yet.
Waiting for counties to share their feedback!
**This new system will probably be set after the county fair of 2013.**

December 5, 2012

4-H CWC Horse PDC Meeting December 2012

Horse PDC Meeting 12-5-2012

Meeting called to order.
Motion made and seconded to "dispense reading of minutes since it was emailed out" - Passed
Treasurer report read. Alexis was asked to put together a budget. Motion made and seconded to "Set a clinic budget amount at $1350.00" - Passed
Motion made and seconded to "approve the budget" - Passed
New President welcomed and thanked all for attending the PDC meeting.
Committee reports were reported on as follows...
Drill Team - holding a few game shows as fundraisers for the drill team, discussed the need to start earlier and hold more practices, discussed new State rules, discussed costumes - County and State different and adding more bling.
Clinics - discussion on too many kids for 1 clinician, holding clinics before drill practice, splitting by ability, experienced 4H helping clinician with novice 4H, good clinicians that have judging experience.
State Deco - no meetings yet
Fundraising - no meetings yet for general - Milk booth: doing with Dog again, after the first of the year Donna will be making sponsor calls.
Fun Show - no meetings yet, emails with ideas happening. Possible food stand sharing with other counties. Split into 2 days, set alternate date.
Judge Recommendation - no meetings yet. Better to do via emails based on chair working nights. Alexis offered to start the emails going to the committee.
Hippology & Judging - no meetings yet
Horse bowl - no meetings yet. New materials have been budgeted.
State Show - changes are coming - attend the webinar. Winter Round-up is Jan 25-27 in Grand Rapids. Drill Team performing before the Parade, not sure how the team will be decided. Next meeting Jan. 12, 2013 in Grand Rapids. Dan Patch is splitting into 2 divisions, grades 6-9 and 10+, Alexis will help you with applications if you are interested. Horsebowl and hippology will be getting additional reference materials.
Western heritage - no meetings yet.
Achievement and Records - no meetings yet.
Handbook and Premium Book - get information to Tammy if you have anything.
Participation Points - no meetings yet.
Orientation - Speakers lined up as follows...
• Horsebowl Team
• Hippology - Sierra Hynes
• Judging - Rylee Minton
• Clinics - Kerri Beach
• Fun Show - Tyler Blazek
PDC will provide beverages and Tyler will bake some goodies, anyone is welcome to bring goodies too. This is to take place in February at the PDC meeting.

Old business:
Motion made and seconded to "form a point system committee in case the state passes something down that will effect our system that we need to act on" - Passed
Potential members if the committee is needed after the webinar are
• Kathy Bernier
• Alexis Visser
• Kerri Beach
• Tammy Blazek
• Tyler Blazek
• Rene Goedderz
• Denise Reeser

No other old business was addressed.

New business:
Jackie & Aimee will be speaking about mini shows - most likely in March would work best.

US Bank has grant money they want to give for anything that will benefit 4H. Cindy Terwilliger will be writing this up and will include our requests. Give Cheyenne Wilson ideas. Some items discussed were Arena Sand, Awning, Clinicians, Speakers and PA System.
Motion made and seconded to "table State Grant topic for a future meeting" - Passed

Horse PDC should have representation at the Federation meetings held on the 4th Monday of November, February, April, June, and September. This is been done by the Vice Chair in the past and it should be one of that officers duties.

Thank you campaign is to send 5 Thank Yous to major contributors of the Horse Project either financial or otherwise... Cheyenne Wilson offered to write the Thank Yous and send out to...
• JB Western - always helping with High Point, discounts, prizes.
• Kemps - milk supplier
• Mills - Milk Booth area
• Jennifer Chisolm - stepping right into the judges ring to help our show last year
• Fair board - use of the Arena, buildings, barns.

Motion made and seconded to " purchase 2 of the 3-tier saddle racks during a huge sale to be used at State for $49.95 each. Passed. Tammy and Bridget will purchase and get reimbursed.

Next Meeting - December 3, 2012 for State PDC webinar 6:30pm Land Services Building

Meeting Adjourned.

October 24, 2012

CWC 4-H Horse PDC October meeting

Horse PDC meeting Minutes 10/23/2012

The meeting started early with a presentation from Renee Kostick on what the role of a PDC is. It serves as an advisory voice to the Federation; it is to provide education and events. (CWC does this)

The topic of how items get voted on was addressed... to vote and motion, you must be a 4H youth or 4H adult member AND enrolled in the Horse Project. (CWC does this)

A few things that are getting discussed statewide are....
• POINT SYSTEM... still in the discussion phase but they are looking at creating 3 systems that each County could choose from depending on what works best for them. The decision on which of the 3 will get used will come from the Counties Horse PDC committee.
• PARTICIPATION POINTS... this is still in the investigative stage Statewide. The reason for this is to look at how restrictive and what will be too restrictive or not restrictive enough on earning participation points to be State eligible.
• Mini Shows - at this point there are for sure at least 2 clinics and 2 regional shows that will happen, after that it is basically still in the growing phase. Counties are encouraged to add some mini classes to their shows.
• Dressage and Reining are in the investigative stage and they might start making a rise in the future.
• There is a PDC webinar coming up in December...
• The State PDC is bringing in 2 Regional Horse Meetings per year. Many clubs are not familiar with all of the different Horse Project functions so the first one is the 2nd Saturday of January and the second one is sometime in April. The goal for this is to get the counties in the region to share knowledge and ideas.

Secretary's report was passed out. Correction was made in the Drill team report... Tanya stepped down and Rene, Tammy, and Kerri will be taking it over rather then Lataya and Tyler taking it over. Addition was made that Kerri will print up a thank you for Jessica Olson since this has not yet been done.

Treasurer's report was read. Balance of $5,694.35 as of 10/22/2012 with 2 outstanding bills, one for Rene for material and one for Lataya for her State Scholarship. Additional monies coming in from the 'Halloween at the Ranch fundraiser'.

sign up sheets were passed out for people to volunteer to serve. The sub committee chair persons are...
• Hippology and Judging - Denise Reeser
• Achievement and Records - Tammy Blazek
• Fun Show - Kerri Beach
• Decorations/Stall Curtains - Rene Goedderz
• Western Heritage - Alexis Visser
• Horse Bowl - Alexis Visser
• Drill Team - Tammy, Rene, Kerri
• Fundraising - Bridgett Crabtree
• Orientation - Officers
• Clinics - Lataya Goedderz
• Participation Points - Tammy Blazek
• Handbook/Premium Book - Tammy Blazek
• Judge Recommendation - Jami Becker

Budget - Denise Reeser motioned that the new officer team along with volunteers go over and plan the budget to be ready for the November meeting. Cheyenne Wilson seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Inventory - Tammy was doing inventory. Kerri noted that there were several personal items that went missing during state. Please be sure to look and make sure your stuff belongs to you. If you did not bring it there, but now have it, be sure to find the owner.
Point-System - Jamie Johnson motioned to table the Point System discussion until we hear from State about any changes. Denise Reeser seconded the motion. Motion passed

Election of officers - new officers were elected as follows
• Chairperson - Lataya Goedderz
• Vice Chair - Korbyn D'Ambrogio
• Secretary - Maddie Atwater
• Treasurer - Alexis Visser

Congratulations Officers we look forward to you leading us through another successful year of 4H Horse Project fun and learning.

August 27, 2012

Hannah Welch trains Rojo - Just in - Rojo came home with Hannah!

July 23, 2012

Alexis Visser - Dan Patch Top 10 Finalist!

Congratulations to Alexis Visser for being selected as one of the Top 10 Finalists in the Dan Patch Award Program!

Since 1966, one member of the 4-H horse project has been awarded the Dan Patch Award. The award is based on the individuals overall achievement, leadership, and service and annually recognize outstanding youth leadership in the MN 4-H horse program.

The recipient will have exhibited a broad base of Learning, Leadership and Service experiences within the 4-H horse project, other 4-H project areas and within their community. The recipient will also show a commitment to continuous improvement in their individual life skills and to the 4-H program, especially in the Horse project.
Alexis Visser from Pequot Lakes, MN, and has been a 4-H member for 9 years. Alexis enjoys riding horses in saddle seat, pleasure, gaming, and western heritage; her other areas of interest include downhill skiing, veterinary science, youth leadership, nutrition science, shop, performing arts, and knowledge bowl.

She has held many different leadership positions over those years, including: Club President, Treasurer, and Reporter; Crow Wing County Horse Project Development Committee Chair and Vice Chair, Minnesota 4-H Horse Association Board of Directors as youth chair of the Expo Tack Sale and Western Heritage Program.

A few of her service projects include church youth group activities, teaching ski camp at Ski Gull annually, raising money for Relay for Life, giving pony rides at resorts in the summer, and volunteering her time and knowledge teaching other members. She enjoys seeing younger members grow in their skills each year and helping them achieve a better performance.

Alexis is extremely excited to represent Crow Wing County and the Minnesota 4-H Horse Program this year as a Dan Patch Top 10 Finalist.

April 27, 2012

4-H Horse PDC April 2012 meeting

Treasures Report- As of 4-24 we have $3,273.85


Hipology and Judging- Senior horsebowl might form a hipology team.

Horse Bowl- went to state, said it was really fun but tough competition! Lost both rounds but not by to much! GOOD JOB!
*She's collecting horse bowl binders!

Clinics- had the attire clinic friday, went good! Tyler and Lataya put it on and they did an amazing job!
*The grooming clinic is set for May 4th but we aren't sure if that is going to happen yet. So stay posted for if it is on or off.
-Also clinics are starting up on June 7th, every thursday at 7pm.

Drill Team- They are going to have a quad team this year. Practice starts May 10th at 6pm.

Fun Show- June 23rd
*Need volunteers in Kitchen. *Also! The programs are done, well a rough draft is done. Bridget will be sending out letters for us,... I think? to let us know what we have to do. This program will be cool because parents can submit photos and stuff of their kids with funny sayings or words of encouragement
(Here's where things got confusing..)** We made a motion to accept Impressions printing bid of $185 for 200 books.** But we amended it before we decided on getting 200 books.. It was seconded and motion passed.

New Business

Bonus trip application- Me, Alexis and Tyler are meeting up and putting it together. *Email cool pictures of any cool events we do*

Llama show- we made a motion to allow llama club to use our equipment with the understanding that if anything breaks they will fix it. Motion seconded.

Jeanne opened the can of worms about the horse PDC being a club, or staying a committee..dun dun dun. More on that next time.

Upcoming dates-
April 27th-29th- Horse Expo
May 10th- first night of drill team practice 6pm
May 15th- drill team practice 6pm
May 22- Horse PDC meeting at 7pm
May 24th-Drill team practice at 6pm
May 31st- Camp Shamineau
June 7th Drill team practice.
-first clinic/ English Clinic

Secretary -Kiana

April 24, 2012

March 27th Horse PDC meeting

Minutes from March 27th Horse PDC meeting
• Horsebowl‐ the remainder of the budget is going towards buying official resources (Horse Science
• Clinics‐ Clinics are meeting Thursday nights at 7. Most of the clinicians are chosen.
*Grooming clinic is May 4th at 6:30. PDC is sponsoring pizza. Older members would be helping.
• Drill Team‐ Started picking out songs
• Fun Show‐ Concessions need volunteers!! June 23rd
*Motion made to have the fun show on the 4th Saturday of June every year. Motion Passed.
• Decorations for State Stalls‐ Going to try and dye old fabric.
Old Business
‐The horse bowl Junior team won 1st round and lost second. Senior team won and are now going to
state. A big thank you to Alexis Visser for all the time and effort she puts in to it!!
‐St. Patricks day parade was said to be very fun and would like to do it again next year.
‐The mini horse guidelines are out, Email Jeanne for more information.
**Scholarships** We made a clarification in the motion we made about scholarships. It now states
‐*A person will get two 25$ scholarships per year. It can be used for a 4‐H learning experience's,
such as; Verndale Boot Camp, Camp Shamineau, State Horse Show, Winter Round up, and etc...
Members must participate in ONE PDC fundraiser within the past year and must request the funds in
‐Cloverbud Show‐ Moved that trial basis is added to the fair on Tuesday and Wednesday of the fair
week. There will be two classes each day. (Halter, lead line, and then 2 game classes on Wednesday)
Motion seconded. *They can trailer in each separate day, or just stay there.
New Business
‐Bridget and Kerri Beach came up with an idea to create a program that includes all the information
about the 4‐H and when shows are. But, it would be used to get peoples business's advertised in the
‐English Showmanship will be added as a new class this year. Motion was made to add English
Showmanship, Saddle Seat Equitation and Pleasure, Western Pleasure ‐Pleasure Type class. Motion
‐Down at State the MFHA(Judging arena) is tore down, and they are building a new one.
‐A wood board is being placed down at the gate by the arena where we enter in. It will have the patterns
and stuff on it.
Upcoming Dates
May 15th‐ HORSE ID's are DUE! with new photos of horse.
May 22nd‐ Horse PDC meeting. 7pm.
May 31st‐ Shamineau Camp
June 12th‐14th‐ MQHA Boot Camp

February 15, 2012

4-H Horse PDC meeting minutes - February 2012

Achievement/handbook/premium book- made a few changes that need to be approved.
*** IMPORTANT** We made a motion so that to get a trip to state you must have EIGHT points, not six, but EIGHT.
---You must attend TWO PDC meetings between August and the fair, you also must do ONE fundraising event.
This will be in the hand book, premium book, and checklist. ( sponsor ships are fundraising.) This is a zero tolerance rule.

Fun Show- June 23rd

Decorations for stall curtains at state- we are checking into costs of ideas.
Horse Bowl- Going good. Teams are going to Kerkhoven for a competition. Regional competition is Mar 17th.

Drill Team- April 19th 6pm. First drill team meeting. They have a Tuesday AND Wednesday performance at the fair.

Old Business-
Clover buds may be showing at the fair. Maybe have them haul in on Thursday for a show. We tabled it for more discussion.

For at the fair the show will start immediately after achievement and training.
We will be giving out two $25 scholarships per year.

We have been thinking about doing a learning clinic, called project day. Older members would mentor. Maybe a non riding clinic also.

New Business-

For orientation, the following helpers go as-

Greeter- Kiana (me)
Horse Bowl- Beckers, and Reisers
Hipology and Judging- Letaya
Fun show- Jaime, Kerri Beach
Drill Team- Tyler, Letaya, Danielle, and Sam
Western Heritage- Alexis Visser
Fundraising- Bridget, Donna, Tammy ( last resort)
County Fair- Kiana, and Tyler Blazek
County Policy- Tammy Blazek
State Policies- Alexis Visser
Questions- Officers

Also lakes and Pines saddle club wants to partner up with us on doing education clinics.

Upcoming Dates-
Feb 17 - Project Bowl practive, 6:30 Benvelle Center
Feb 18 - Washington Co 4-H tack swap. Land Services Building
Feb 24 - Project Bowl practice, same place.
Feb 28th - Orientation 7 P.M. Land Services Building
May 31st - Shamineau Horse Camp
June 12-14 - MQHA Boot Camp Verndale

December 1, 2011

CWC Horse 4-H PDC Meeting November 22

Meeting call to order by Chairperson Alexis Visser
Secretary minutes read and approved
Treasurer Report read and approved
State Stall Curtains: Committee should talk to Maxine Gallett about where to get material for stalls at a discount. Budget $400.00
MILK BOOTH: Bridget Crabtree made some calls and we do not have to use the milk bladders. We can use either gallons or individual cartons. We can also make baked goods if we use something such as a church kitchen and need to disclose that on the packaging.
PREMIUM BOOK: Need to make sure the Zero Tolerance Policy is clear.

-County Fair Scheduling: Heather Becker reported that the survey that went out has had 16 responses and reported what the response is thus far. She also suggested moving the rabbit show.
-Horse Budget: Tanya Kubista passed out a proposed budget. Max made a motion to approve the budget with adjusted misc. & scholarship changes. Haven Bernatsky seconded the motion.
-SCHOLORSHIPS: Motion to give a $25 scholorship to anyone who attends winter round-up by Lauren Crabtree and seconded by Haven Bernatsky. Proposed to waiting for camp Shaminau until closer to spring.

-SOCIAL MEETING POLICY: Handout was given. Alexis will clarify with Jeanne on whether or not we need to change our facebook.
-CLINICS: Maxine Gallett suggested having clinics in addition to orientation. Clinics may include: trimming/proper grooming/braiding. This is tabled until January.

Haven Bernatsky moved to adjourn. Korbyn D'Ambrogio seconded.

October 26, 2011

4-H Horse PDC Meeting October 25 2011

CWC Horse 4-H PDC Meeting 10/25/11Meeting called to order by Chairperson Tyler Blazek
Secretary minutes read and approved
Treasurer report read and approved

  • Each gave a report and explained what their committee was, a new signup sheets were passed around.

  • Hippology/Judging: Will start around May.

  • Clinics: Looking for new ideas for clinic topics and instructors

  • Drill Team: Plans for starting earlier this year-like Feb. Talked about having their "leads" be people who can commit to every practice through the state show.

  • Fun Show: This committee should consider ordering ribbons during winter months to get a large discount.

  • Milk Booth: Need to discuss changes with milk booth with any changes to the fair format this year. It was brought up that if we have our show at a different date apart from the fair, we could also work the milk booth Tues and Wed also, if we get enough workers. Would it be cheaper to buy milk by the gallon instead of by bladders?

  • Horse Handbook/Premium Book: Tanya and Tammy will make changes/update to these.

  • Horse Bowl: Everything is going great so far, two meetings done and next meeting is Fri, 10/28, 6:30 at Benvelle. Binders are all put together, most have been checked out by members for the season; the bill for the binders has been submitted and was $114.09.

  • Achievement/Records: Will think about doing an informational "clinic" before summer starts to help newer members.

  • Participation Points: Started tallying, tried posting them online in the past but nobody used it. Maybe could be posted on the Facebook page to be more accessible?

  • Western Heritage: no report this month

  • Decorations/Stall Curtains: new committee this year.

  • Orientation: Motion was made by Tammy Blazek to have the PDC officers coordinate orientation. Alexis Visser seconded.

OLD BUSINESS-County Fair scheduling- Becker family went to the fairboard meeting and presented the idea of moving the show to a separate date. The fairboard wants to keep the show during the fair so horses will be there for the public to see. It may still be possible, but there are several contingencies. (Horses would have to be brought back and stalled during the fair or premiums/state trips forfeited, etc). What would we do during those days of the fair if we didn't have a show? Sarah D from the fairboard pointed out we could try it for one year to see if it works. Tyler expressed her opinion that she would like to keep the show during the fair because friends come to watch. Alexis brought up that the northwest regional western heritage competition is sometimes the weekend before the fair (conflict of dates). Alexis brought up the idea of switching game and pleasure days so kids showing rabbits could show them on Tues, and run their games out of normal placing (this would be a special exception). It has been stressed that we are only considering moving the show so that kids may have the opportunity to show other animals at the fair if they would like to in addition to horses.

-Horse budget due by Nov 15th-Tanya will work with the new treasurer (Lauren Crabtree) to develop a budget for 2011-2012 for the Horse PDC.

-Dec 5th training-Tammy moved to have the new officers (Alexis, Tyler, Kiana, Lauren) attend this training to represent horse PDC. They will bring beverages to share with other PDCs. Shelby Reeser seconded.

NEW BUSINESS-Election of Officers-Tammy moved to accept the new slate of officers, being Alexis Visser as chair, Tyler Blazek as vice-chair, Kiana Dusek as secretary, and Lauren Crabtree as Treasurer. Jasmine D'Ambrosio seconded.
-Cloverbud classes at fair-new Cloverbuds enrolled this year want classes at the fair. What classes can we have for them? Tammy moved to table until Jeanne clarifies the rules with Brad Rugg. Tyler seconded.
-Yearly planning- planned when each subcommittee would meet and what topics to bring up each month. We also need to decide what meetings we want Jeanne at.
-Dan Patch-Alexis pointed out that it is time to think about applying for Dan Patch/or the State Youth Leadership Trip. Talk to her to find out more information if you are interested, or look on the state horse website.
-Heather can keep the Land Services Building open each month for meetings if Jeanne is not there. This will be our standard location.
-Kerri Beach brought up that we should consider being in the 4th of July parade as a PDC
-Jeanne made a point that we should think about ways to spend our money on educational opportunities for our members; i.e. horse camps, Winter Round-Up.

UPCOMING DATESNovember 29-Horse PDC meeting 7 pm, sub-committees at 6:30 pm, Land Services Building.
December 5-Statewide animal science training (webinar) for PDCs, 6:30 pm Land Services Building

Lauren Crabtree moved to adjourn. Haven Bernansky seconded.

May 9, 2011

Horsing Around Newsletter - April 2011


January 13, 2010

Drill Team Leader Manual - Updated

horses-bw.jpg Here is the most current Leader Manual. Drill Team Manual - update

June 10, 2009

CWC 4-H Horse Show

Saturday, July 25th, 2009
8:00 a.m. (check-in begins at 7:00 a.m.)
Crow Wing County Fairgrounds -Horse Arena 13thStreet, Brainerd



Grade: Enter class by the school grade you have completed (not the grade you are entering in the fall).
Entry Fees: Early Bird Registration is $3.00 per class of $15.00 maximum (after July 13, it is $5.00 per class or $20.00 maximum) PLUS $1.00 per exhibitor. Four entries or less in each class will be combined.

AWARDS: 1st-6thPlace Ribbons
1. English Equitation -Grades 9 & over
2. English Equitation -Grades 6-8
3. English Equitation -Grades 3-5
4. English Pleasure -Grades 9 & over
5. English Pleasure -Grades 6-8
6. English Pleasure -Grades 3-5
7. Halter Showmanship -Grades 9 & over
8. Halter Showmanship -Grades 6 -8
9. Halter Showmanship -Grades 3 -5
10. Western Horsemanship --Grades 9 & over
11. Western Horsemanship --Grades 6-8
12. Western Horsemanship --Grades 3-5
13. Western Horsemanship Pony
14. Western Pleasure -Grades 9 & over
15. Western Pleasure -Grades 6-8
16. Western Pleasure -Grades 3-5
17. Western Pleasure Pony
18. Trail -Grades 9 & over
19. Trail -Grades 6-8
20. Trail -Grades 3-5
21. Pole Weaving -Grades 9 & over
22. Pole Weaving -Grades 6-8
23. Pole Weaving -Grades 3-5
24. Key Race -Grades 9 & over
25. Key Race -Grades 6-8
26. Key Race -Grades 3-5
27. Jumping Figure 8 -Grades 9 & over
28. Jumping Figure 8 -Grades 6-8
29. Jumping Figure 8 -Grades 3-5
30. Barrels -Grades 9 & over
31. Barrels -Grades 6-8
32. Barrels -Grades3-5

E-forms for early registration or questions: Contact Tammy 218-829-1747 or Tanya 218-825-1021