November 25, 2013

Nov 24th SS/W PDC meeting

Minutes from the Nov 24th SS/W PDC meeting held at Mills Indoor Shooting Range 1:00-3:00 pm

We spoke about our upcoming year to include new instructors, our budget, wildlife events, and the state shoot.

If the Trailside in Pequot Lakes is available we will hold a wildlife day event from 10:00-2:30 on January 18th. We will hold a SS/W PDC meeting on January 18th at 9:00am as well.

Roger Schroeder, Jason Walkowiak, and Brent Pringle plan to take instructor training in the Spring of 2014.

We are looking at May 3rd at the Mountain Man Fort in Palisade to hold an all day event for our youth and adults in the SS/W project.

We plan to hold at least one fundraising event at the Pizza Ranch if a date is available.
We held our election of officers:

Chair - David Schroeder
Co-Chair - Roger Schroeder
Recorder of Minutes - Sam Guida
Treasurer - Brent Pringle

PDC members:
Adults - Roger Schroeder, Nancy Schroeder, Harold LeBlanc, Jason Walkowiak, and Brent Pringle.
Youth - David Schroeder, Cameron Walkowiak, Sam Guida, and Everett Pringle.

September 23, 2013

Anna Schwalbe and her angora goats

By Reese Wicklund Black Bear 4-H Club

The Nisswa Black Bear 4-H Club recently learned about club member Anna Schwalbe's angora goats by visiting them.

"Me and my mom have always wanted goats, but we did not know which kind to get," Schwalbe said.

Through their research, Schwalbe found she didn't want meat goats because they would not keep them as long as they would the angoras. They didn't want dairy goats because they would have to milk them two times per day.

Schwalbe soon began to love the angoras. When she went to pick out her angoras she found Bobbin, which they mated with a huge male angora. Bobbin had two goats, a boy and a girl, which they named Jack and Jill.

Schwalbe thought four goats would be a great number to have, so they also got Ilene. Jack and Jill are white, and Ilene and Bobbin are gray and black.

Schwalbe got all of her goats set up on her little goat farm near Nisswa, and she soon got the hang of what she was supposed to do with the goats.

She feeds her goats half crack corn and whole wheat oats two times a day. For a treat they love peanuts, especially Bobbin. She bucks and kicks just to get her favorite treat.
Jack likes them, too, and he will take a good amount of peanuts. Ilene also will eat a lot of them. Jill is shy; she does not like to be touched, but she will eat a few.

Schwalbe will shear her goats two times a year and sell their wool. There is about 10 pounds of fleece on one adult. They also clip their hooves once a month.

Schwalbe loves her goats and plans to keep showing them at the Crow Wing County Fair.

This is one of Anna Schwalbe's angora goats.

Anna Schwalbe owns four angora goats and keeps them in an area marked "Anna's Angoras."

Anna Schwalbe showed her angora goats to Black Bear 4-H Club members, including Peyton Wicklund, Reese Wicklund and Kelsey Berquist.

September 18, 2013

CWC at 4-H State Shoot

The Adopt-a-River project that the CWC SS/W PDC presented at the state shoot placed third among all counties. The PDC had cleaned along the Mississippi River by Kiwonis Park for several years.

Adopt a River board 2013 state shoot.JPG DSC03276.JPG

Abbie Burley and David Schroeder presented the board for review during the state shoot.

state shoot participants minus Nathan A 2013.JPG

Pariticpants (and parents/instructors) pictured are Jason Walkowiak- PDC member, Roger Schroeder- PDC member and instructor, Abbie Burley- PDC member and state shoot participant, Cam Walkowiak- PDC member and participant who placed 6th in archery, Alyssa Burley- PDC member and participant who placed 4th in archery and .22, David Schroeder- PDC member and participant who placed 2nd in .22 and Black Powder, and Jason Burley- PDC member and instructor. 4-Her must put in 15 hours of time working with an instructor to be able to participate at the state shoot.

state shoot- with Nathan.JPG

David Schroeder, Jason Burley and Nathan Anderson during the state shoot.

February 27, 2013

Shooting Sports/Wildlife Management PDC meeting - Feb. 2013

SS/W PDC Minutes - Feb 17th Gander Mtn 3:00-4:30
Submitted by David Schroeder

Sign in - Alyssa Burley
Minutes read by David Schroeder
We did not receive a treasurer report
Nancy talked about the Pelican Lake Club invite and who would like to go.
We decided to pre-pay for training and discussed who will go for instructors and who will take the Minn Aqua
Nancy spoke of the need for release forms for all youth and asked for adult help to get them signed
Nancy spoke about Project Wild and how we can learn more about it.
We spoke about the trailer and where we are with getting one. We will be sending out an email to all members asking for 2 more suggestions from each for sponsors.
We will meet at the Trailside in Pequot Lakes again on March 23rd from 1-4 and will include a snack.
Alyssa and Aimee will be working on packets that will be filled with contact information for leaders and instructors and will be given to all families in the SS/W project.
We spoke about having each youth fill out their wildlife hours form Jan 26th in Pequot Lakes.
Next SS/W PDC meeting - April 14th 3:00pm Gander Mtn Baxter

October 22, 2012

4-H Shooting Sports - Adopt a River Cleanup

The fall Adopt A River cleanup for the SS/W PDC was Oct 21st at 1:00pm. The group cleans the area of the Mississppi River by the Kiwanis Park in Brainerd. There were 6 adults, 9 youth and 250 lb of garbage was collected. It was a great team effort by all involved!!


October 15, 2012

4-H SS/W PDC October 2012 meeting

Oct 7th, 2012 SS/W PDC meeting at Gander Mtn.Meeting started at 3:00 - ended 4:30pm
Minutes submitted by David Schroeder

Nancy explained the difference between a club, a project and a PDC
Treasurer report read by Marissa Spencer
Minutes report read by David Schroeder

Old business:
- Discussed state shoot 2012
-Adopt-A-River fall clean up scheduled for Oct 21st 1:00
-Discussed Ambie training - Alyssa, Abbie and David to attend
-Read the age recommendations for our project
-When, where and how often to meet. Meet at Gander on Sundays every other month, second Sunday of the month 3:00pm
-Family information packets discussed by Alyssa
-Anyone wanted to represent our project at the Baxter Sandpiper meeting on Nov 1st should contact Nancy
-Pampered Chef fundraiser for our project - Nancy
-Friends of the NRA grant - Roger and Nancy

New business:
Chair - Alyssa Burley
Co-Chair - Nancy Schroeder
Recorder of Minutes - David Schroeder
Treasure - Marissa Spencer
Committee members:
Adults -Nancy Schroeder, Roger Schroeder, Jason Walkowiak, Jason Burley, Aimee Burley,Harold LeBlanc
Youth - Alyssa Burley, Abbie Burley, David Schroeder, Cameron Walkowiak, Marissa Spencer, Kaelyn Spencer, Sam Guida

4-H Ambassador Training for Shooting Sports Youth

CWC SS/W project and PDC had 3 youth attend the ambassador training in Spicer Oct 11th - 14th. Alyssa Burley, Abbie Burley and David Schroeder.

The training was lead by Nicole Pokorney and gave the youth the opportunity to learn both by classroom and by hands on doing. The training was held at the Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center. It was an amazing weekend for the youth. These three youth are now state SS/W ambassadors.

image.jpeg image_1.jpeg image_2.jpeg image_3.jpeg

September 18, 2012

4-H Shooting Sports & Wildlife Invitational Results

Crow Wing County Results. Congratulations!

David Schroeder:

Black Powder
Rifle -1st place
Pistol - 7th place
Hawk throw - 13th place
Overall - 2nd place

Archery -8th place

.22 - 10th place

Abbie Burley:

Black powder
Rifle -19th place
Overall - 23th place
.22 - 35th place

Alyssa Burley:

Archery -14th place
.22 - 15th place

Cameron Walkowiak:

Archery - 32nd place
3 position air - 40th place

June 12, 2012

CWC SS/W project & Hot Shots 4-H club at Youth Expo

On Saturday June 9th the CWC SS/W project and the Hot Shots 4-H club attended the Youth Expo at Lakeshore Conservation Club. There was a booth set up to show who we are and what we do. We also had youth and adults explain more about 4-H in general to the people there.

There were over 250 youth that attended as well as other famility memebers. With the high temps the dunktank was the best seat in the house.

DSC01642.JPG DSC01640.JPG

Thank you to so many members that helped to make this day a true success.

March 20, 2012

SS/W Meeting Minutes March 19, 2012

Minutes for the CWC SS/W PDC meeting held at Gander Mtn on March 19th, 2012
Minutes submitted by David Schroeder

Meeting started at 6:30 - ended at 7:30pm

Introduction and welcome to all current and new members - chair Alyssa Burley
Treasurer report - Marissa Spencer
Minutes report - David Schroeder
Explanation of wildlife hours and the importance for state shoot
Spoke as a group about donation letters and fundraising in general
Friends of the NRA grant -$3,000.00-Marissa Spencer and Roger Schroeder
We will be attending the state shoot this year-explained practice hrs needed
Decided on Adopt-A-River for conservation board and community service-Abbie Burley and David Schroeder to post info.
Explained project day 2012

Discussed when to start practice days at Lakeshore Gun Club
Working on plans for the spring kickoff day May 12th at the Mountain Man Fort in Palisade
Making plans for a booth at the Lakeshore gun club's youth outdoor expo on June 9th

November 22, 2011

4-H Shooting Sports & Wildlife Management PDC meeting - November 2011

The CWC SS/W PDC held their meeting on Monday November 21st at Gander Mtn in Baxter.

Elections were held with the results being :
Chair - Alyssa Burley
Co-Chair - Nancy Schroeder
Recorder of minutes - David Schroeder
Treasurer - Marissa Spencer

There are 9 adult committee members and 10 youth members

We are planning something for the County Project Day in January as well as having another open house the third Monday in March at Gander Mtn in Baxter.

We are putting plans in place to attend the State Shoot on October 8th and 9th in Fairmont Mn.

March 22, 2011

Shooting Sports/Wildlife PDC Open House

Shooting Sports/Wildlife PDC Open House was held on Monday, March 21 at Gander Mountain with many new project members attending to check out the opportunities in the SS/W project. Instructors were present to visit about each discipline. Several of the SS/W members brought examples of things they had done in the project.





September 30, 2010

4-H State Shoot Results

4-H State Shooting Sports/Wildlife Invitational
Crow Wing County had 15 youth participating in 7 different events over the weekend.

State Shoot 2010.jpg state shooting archery.jpg

State Shoot: Clarence, Kaelyn, Sam, Kim, Jenna, Hannah, Marissa, Chad, Joe, Frank

Archery: Kevin, Abbie, Sheridan, Cheyenne, David, Alyssa, with instructors in back row Roger, John

The following received awards at a ceremony held at Beaver Brook Gun Club home to this year's competition.

Junior Class
David Schroeder
Archery - Class B 5th place
Standard Air 9th place
Air Pistol 7th place

Intermediate Class
Joe Beltran
Skillathon 1st place

Senior Class
Jenna Ruzich
Standard Air 6th place
Trap 9th place
.22 Target Rifle 6th place

Congratulations to all the youth who worked hard to achieve the goal of attending.

July 6, 2010

4‐H Shooting Sports/Wildlife Project Newsletter

Download Newsletter

January 13, 2010

Next Shooting Sports/Wildlife PDC meeting

Beginning of the year Shooting Sports/Wildlife (SS/W) Project Development Committee (PDC) meeting.

If you are interested in being on the SS/W decision making committee, you will want to attend this meeting.

Discussions on fundraising, shooting schedules, instructor training, youth development and much more. The Committee meets bi-monthly on the third Monday of the month. All SS/W project members are welcome to attend.

Monday January 18, 2010, 6:30 - 8:30, Gander Mountain

Contact Joy Ruzich with any questions
14401 Shoreview Drive, Baxter, MN 56425

October 8, 2009

Shooting Sports and Wildlife Management - October 2009

CROW WING COUNTY 4-H Shooting Sports/Wildlife Project Info
October 2009 - 10th Edition
Submitted by Joy Ruzich, SS/W Volunteer

This year's 4-H State Shooting Sports/Wildlife Invitational was held in East Bethel. Competition was tough with 800 youth participating from all over Minnesota.

  • Crow Wing County had 14 youth participate in the event: Kaelyn Spencer - archery & skillathon; Dalton Schreier - archery; Sam Guida - archery, skillathon & trap; David Schroeder - archery & air pistol; Abbie Burley - air pistol; Laura Halvorson - archery; Hanna Ruzich - archery, skillathon & trap; Marissa Spencer- skillathon & trap; Chad Lease -trap; Jenna Ruzich - .22, air rifle, skillathon & trap; Alyssa Burley - archery; Sierra Edwards - archery; Sheridan Wilson - BB gun; Joe Beltran - archery.

  • The Conservation Exhibit for the State Shoot was presented by Sam, Dalton and David. It was on the Bog Walk that took place at Guida's. Thanks guys for volunteering to be presenters and thank you Guida's for hosting the bog walk.

  • We had one winner this year: Jenna Ruzich in the senior division of the Skillathon receiving a 10th place certificate; proving that it does help to be a knowledgeable shooter. Way to go Jenna!

  • Thank you to all the volunteer instructors in the Shooting Sports/Wildlife program: John Guida, Kim Spencer, Clarence Spencer, Roger Schroeder, Lindsey Raddatz, Frank Ruzich, and Bernhard Warling
    Things are looking good for next year as we have secured some money through fundraisers and donations in the month of August. If you helped in anyway...baked bars to organizing an event ....Thank you so much !!!!

    It is time to enroll for your club and projects. This year when signing up for the Shooting Sports/Wildlife project; remember to check which disciplines you are interested in. Choices are air pistol, air rifle, archery, shotgun, BB gun and .22. Enrollment Forms are due into the Crow Wing County Office by November 15.


  • A club made up of youth and adult volunteers who have signed up for the Shooting Sports/Wildlife Project on their enrollment forms

  • A new and growing club of girls and boys

  • Meetings are for youth and ran by youth

  • Meetings are held 6 times per year, bi-monthly, on even numbered months on the third Monday. This year's tentative dates are Oct. 19; Dec. 21; Feb. 15; April 19; June 21; Aug. 16. The club normally meets from 6:30-8:30 at Gander Mountain.

  • Wildlife activities/presentations at each meeting (meets ½ hour of State Shoot requirements)

  • If you are interested in being a member of the Hot Shots Shooting Sports/Wildlife Project Club write it in on your Enrollment Form, next to your primary club. You can be a member of more than one club.

  • Election of officers will take place at the next meeting October 19, 6:30-8:30 at Gander Mountain.

  • A nomination committee will be calling active members to ask if you would like to be placed on a ballot for election. If you do not get a call, but would like to run for an office, please contact Nancy Schroeder at 218-568-6676 or Jenna Ruzich at 218-829-7202

  • The club will also be celebrating our 1 year anniversary!!!!! Cake and refreshments will be served along with a Silent Auction (with all proceeds from the event to go in the clubs treasury)

  • New or like new items with a value of $20.00 or less can be donated for the Silent Auction. Please tag item with a minimum bid and arrange drop off location with Joy Ruzich 218-829-7207 or Marissa Spencer 218-316-4187

  • Club charters are due November 1. Please bring treasure's yearly report and secretary minutes from the past year to the next meeting.

  • Over the past several years the SS/W PDC has paid for and supplied t-shirts to all youth and instructors participating in the State Shoot. This year a request was made for all past shooters to return shirts if they were no longer using them. This has helped the PDC immensely by saving approx. $150 in new shirts. The PDC will determine how they would like to proceed with State Shoot shirts in the coming years.

  • Thank you to all who returned shirts for the new shooters to wear at this years MN State Shoot!!

  • Instructors - please return all fair ground keys and Instructor Manuals to Joy by the end of Oct.

  • September 21, 2009

    State Shoot 2009

    st shoot group2.JPG

    Air Rifle.JPG

    Archery Shooting.JPG

    Trap Shooting.JPG