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May 27, 2009

Next Meeting - June 1 at 6 p.m. (early)

Submitted by Cindy Terwilliger
Great Green Gardeners 4-H JMG Club - June 1st Meeting Activities

Our Master Gardener leaders have another great meeting planned for us, and…guess what? We will be working in our garden this time!

It was exciting to see some of you joined the ning.com site prepared especially for Minnesota’s Junior Master Gardener Clubs. One or our goals will be to use this site, and the Crow Wing County site Maggie created just for us, as the basis for communication.

HOME ACTIVITY: Go to www.jmgkids.us and do Chapter 1, Level 1 Activity. Select one or do all. Remember to journal your experiences and ask parents for guidance, if needed.


  • Guest speaker Mike Borochoff, from Landsburg Landscape and Nursery, will give tips on small plot gardening, soils and choosing plants.

  • Move sand from garden plot.

  • Preparing soil for seeds.

  • Plant seeds.
  • BRING:

  • Gardening gloves

  • Some tools will be available, but please bring hand held trowels, spades, etc.

  • Bug spray…those mosquitoes will be thirsty!!

  • Wear gardening clothes and sturdy shoes….no flip flops.

  • Plan to arrive at 6:00. Let Cindy know if this is too early!!

  • Treats - Nibbe Family

  • Drinks and cups - Sunde Family
  • A big "Thank You!" to all our volunteers!!

    May 21, 2009

    Meeting Update - May 18

    Great Green Gardeners 4-H JMG Club Updates
    May 18th, 2009

    Fifteen excited young gardeners attended the May 18th meeting. Master Gardener Nancy explained the Master Gardener program and 4-H Leader Cindy gave out the ning.com and our county’s JMG web addresses and told how using them fits into the 4-H SET goals.

    Activities started with Master Gardener Nancy leading the group in a Great Green Gardeners Cheer! Then she asked youth to draw a Hamburger Plant. This request received puzzled looks as no one had heard of that type of plant! After they drew their versions of a Hamburger Plant, club members told about ingredients found in a hamburger and how each item comes directly, or indirectly, from plants.

    Parents assisted Master Gardener Debbie in helping small groups discuss parts of a plant and types of food we get from each part. Example: plant part-leaf, food that is a leaf - lettuce.

    After a snack break, 4-H Leader Cindy explained the word ‘dissection’. Each young person got a flower and, starting with the petals, learned about the insides of flowers and function of each part. The magnifying glasses provided gave all a close-up look! Parents assisted.

    We ended our meeting with a walk to the garden. Debbie explained the challenges of creating a garden that, at present, looks like a sandbox!! Club members took turns reading backs of seed packets and told what each piece of information meant. We posed for our first club photo!

    It was a beautiful, spring evening that left us feeling ready to start gardening!

    At http://www.jmgkids.us Type ‘Chapter 1’ in the search box. Go to Level 1. Activities and Chapter 1. Plant Growth and Development. Pick one of the three choices to complete. Do more if you’d like. Share which activities you completed and what you learned in your journal.

    May 18th Meeting Photos

    May 14, 2009

    Next Meeting - May 18, Northland Arboretum, 6:30 p.m.

    Hi Great Green Gardeners!!

    How exciting to have a club for young people who want to learn about gardening!! At the end of our next meeting on May 18th at 6:30 we will check out the garden spot chosen for us by the Northland Arboretum.

    At our last meeting you each got a folder and paper. Using that paper, please write down plans or goals you have as a member of the Great Green Gardeners. Also, tell about the kind of garden you want, what you want to learn, and if you have any garden experience. Please share what your expectations are in this project. A couple sentences for each are fine and, parents, it's O.K. to give guidance if needed.

    Here are the fun things planned for the next meeting:

  • Ever heard of a Hamburger Plant? Master Gardener Nancy will explain!

  • Master Gardener Debbie will help you learn what all the information on the back of a seed packet means and why we need to read and understand it.

  • Have you ever dissected a flower? Do you know what 'dissect' means? 4-H leader Cindy will explain the insides of a flower as you dissect it.
  • Remember to bring your:
    FOLDER/JOURNAL and pen or pencil
    4-H ENROLLMENT FORMS (Bethany, Michael, Kirsten, and Elizabeth S.)

  • Jillian volunteered to bring cups and drinks

  • Kirsten volunteered to bring snacks and napkins

  • Plan for around 30 for snacks
  • If anyone has questions, or can't attend, please call or email Cindy. I look forward to seeing you next Monday!!