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July 7, 2009

July 6 Meeting Photos

JMG July 6 001.JPG
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Great Green Gardeners 4-H JMG - July 6th meeting

Submitted by Cindy Terwilliger

Kirsten volunteered to lead the cheer then Sarah Fairbanks and Katrina Adkins from the Black Bear 4-H club taught us the 4-H pledge.

Home activity was to share information found online about a plant. Members told about tiger lilies, hostas, roses, and others.

Four members made deposits on Junior Master Gardener Handbooks and were encouraged to check out the first few chapters. The $15.00 for each handbook will be returned to the family after the handbooks are turned in at the end of our program.

Sarah and Katrina set up exhibits from a variety of projects and explained what is needed to make a good educational display. Their reason for attending our meeting was to encourage new members to take exhibits to the fair and to help make the fair experience better understood.

Sarah went into detail about Flower Gardening and Vegetable Gardening project exhibits. Katrina and Sarah told the difference between a fine art and craft exhibit and what the different colors of ribbons mean. Sarah acted as a judge while Katrina played the part of a 4-H member in a mock judging session to demonstrate conference judging.

Cindy explained fair registration and the premium book. Some of our new families are apprehensive about it all...but said they were doing it anyway!! That's the attitude we like! Debbie, Nancy and Cindy will be at the fair on entry day..... August 3rd from 1:00 to 7:00.... and are excited to see what our kids bring to the fair!

One of our requirements in this project is to let the public know about what we are doing. We decided to decorate a booth at the 4-H building during the fair so all can see the fun things we've done in this pilot project. At the next meeting, we'll make plans and set up a date to work on it.

After snacks we went to the garden. The water schedule was set up with Sydney's family doing the week of July 5th - 11th, Kirsten's family July 12th - 18th, and the Hinrich family July 19th - 25th. Debbie explained that a pumpkin plant has both male and female flowers and that the female flower is the only one to make a pumpkin.

Snacks for next time will be provided by the Nibbe family and drinks by the Stock family.