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August 19, 2009

Great Green Gardeners 4-H JMG - July 17th meeting

Submitted by Debbie Monchamp

Beth Hippert from the Crow Wing Soil & Water Conservation District gave an excellent presentation. Not just about soil & water pollution, but naming some of the pollutants, how they harm us, how long they last, how they travel and some plants that help to break down the toxins. She was able to put some of these very academic terms into situations that the kids could understand. It was very eye-opening for us, as adults, who think we understand the problem.

Submitted by Cindy Terwilliger

The meeting started with Kirsten leading the group in reciting our cheer and the 4-H pledge. Debbie introduced guest speaker Beth Hippert who explained ground water pollution and steps in correcting it.

Next Cindy said we'd learn facts about insects. Why learn about insects in a gardening club??? The children knew that insects can be beneficial to plants. Each was asked what kind of insect they'd be if they could choose. Then the group told characteristics insects have while taking turns drawing what was said. We ended up with a butterfly which had all the correct parts for an insect.

  • a body consisting of a head, thorax and abdomen.

  • two antennae that help the insect smell

  • compound eyes

  • Six legs attached to the thorax

  • two to four wings attached to the thorax

  • a mouth which could be chewing, sucking, siphoning or sponging

  • a skeleton called and exoskeleton (insects have their's on the OUTSIDE!!)

We talked about misunderstandings people have about insects.

Our program is nearing it's end. We discussed having a field trip or party then decided on a community service project for an assisted living facility. Sept. 17th was chosen as the date and we will plan what will be done and send email to members.

Outside to the garden! Our pumpkins are growing but, unfortunately, the deer think they are tasty!! We saw damage done by deer to other plants, also. The leaf mulch is doing a good job on keeping weeds down. We picked weeds and took a look at everything.

On the way back we saw a snake that had just finished eating a frog! The lump was very visible and he didn't want to move from the path when we walked by. We respected him and gave him his space. It was an interesting end to our evening.

The Deer Ate Our Pumpkin!
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