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September 21, 2009

Our Pumpkin Patch and other garden delights!

GGG-Sept_4.JPG GGG-Sept_5.JPG


GGG-Sept_6.JPG GGG-Sept_38.JPG

What is THAT growing on our corn? It's a Great Green Gardener's Great Green Pumpkin!

GGG-Sept_39.JPG GGG-Sept_48.JPG

Which do you think is better for the plant and weed control, mulch or concrete?

GGG-Gourd-Yellow.JPG GGG-Sept_18Gourd1.JPG


GGG-PetuniasSquashB.JPG GGG-Salvia.JPG

Pretty flowers

GGG-Sept_22-osteo.JPG GGG-Sept_8Hot-Pepper.JPG

and a HOT pepper!

GGG-Sept_BusyBee2.JPG GGG-Sept_26-SunflowerFriend.JPG

Bees at work!