May 9, 2007

The End..

So, this is going to be the last entry. I guess it should have been done about a week ago! But, overall, I have enjoyed this class very much. I found my volunteering expierence to be very valuable and am really glad I ended up in this class. I know that in my college career I will continue volunteering, even if it isn't at Lyngblomsten. I know now of some other places in the cities that are in need of volunteers. That is very helpful.
Now, for the last two days of class I really enjoyed them a lot more than I thought I would. I figured the classes were going to be boring just listening to people talk but I found it very interesting. I liked how everyone got to talk about their volunteer time and that the audience got to ask questions that they normally wouldn't have been able to!
Well, that is about it! So, good luck on finals everyone! And with the rest of college.. have a great summer!!!

May 3, 2007

A little Fustrated.

Volunteering at Lyngblomsten really was not what I had expected. I am a little fustrated because I can not seem to get my hours in. I will take a 45 min. bus/walk trip to Lyngblomsten to find my special friend is napping. Or, my favorite, I'll be there for an hour and she will tell me that I should leave because she wants to take a nap. I understand that it's her life and if she doesn't want me there, then I shouldn't have to be there with her! Just the only thing is, I'm not getting my hours!

April 18, 2007


I figured since I never really officially said why I missed a month of volunteering! I feel really bad considering my special friends condition. But, I didn't volunteer at all in March. The first two weeks of March my special friend was sick and wasn't allowed to have any visitors. The next week, was our spring break and I was home in Wisconsin so I notified Lyngblomsten that I was unable to be there. Then, the next week, I was sick. And like most of the organizations, Lyngblomsten suggests if you are sick with something contaigous then they would prefer you to call and not go in. And, I had a cold so I decided since she was sick two weeks prior, it would be best I didn't go it. No need to worry, I started up again in April and got to play bingo! I was pretty excited! I am going to go in today also. So I guess I'll see what I am going to do!

April 10, 2007

First things first...

I'm going to throw this out there... that research paper kicked my ass! And changing the topic after have written 2 drafts... not a good idea!!! But, enough of that. I guess I will talk about my ever-so-exciting volunteering experience! Actually- this week I have a story! Unlike everyother time I went there! So, I went last Wednesday. I was a little nervous because I thought it would be like starting all over again since she didn't remember me. When I got there, I went up to her floor and asked the nurses if she was there. Turns out she was downstairs playing bingo. The nurse took me down there and I my supervisor was actually down there as well. She took me over to Edith and we played bingo for about an hour! It was pretty fun actually! Kind of funny. Being old and playing bingo is such a stereotype!! We played for about an hour and right at the end Edith won! It was kind of cool! I think I was more excited than she was! Then we went to pick up her prize and she told the lady that she wanted something she could split. She said that it took both of us to win so she wanted to split something. So I went out of my volunteering for the week with a half of a hershey's bar!!! It was fun! I had a really good time. Especially going into it kind of nervous!

April 2, 2007

LONG few weeks!

I have not been to Lyngblomsten in a long time! Edith was sick for a couple weeks and then I had spring break. This past week, when I called she told me she didn't remember me and she didn't want me to come in until she talked with her daughter! I had no idea what to do except respect her wishes! So, I didn't go in and I called my supervisor there and asked her what to do. I was hoping she could talk with her and come in with me next time I am there but she told me no. I guess she has short-term memory loss and that is expected that I would have to remind her who I was each time I go in. I understand and will try my best, I just wish my supervisor would have warned me about that before so I would have known! I'm planning on going in and seeing her Wednesday and I will see how that turns out!! I'm actually a little nervous! At least now I know her situation and am able to adapt to that!!

March 5, 2007

Past Two Weeks

With Spring Break just around the corner, I really have not been too excited to do school work! Good things for weekends! I visited Edith again this past Wednesday. It was really nice. We are now past that kind of akward point. Now it really isnt so much small talk. I did not stay there that long because she had to go to church. We decided that Wednesdays aren't the best. So, switching to Mondays is what we thought of. That leads to today-- but that I'll talk about a little later. I just wanted to comment on something that stood out last Wed. to me. As I was making my way around the crazy confusing Lyngblomsten, I was a little lost, I have to admit, one of the nurses there asked me if I was there to see Edith, I replied with a "yes, I am".. kind of surprised! I must have looked really lost because seh was like, she has been talking about you all day and is all ready for you! I thought that was so nice! I mean, I guess she really doesn't have much to talk to the nurses about, but I really found it neat that she rememberd my name and where I was from, and found it important enough to tell her nurse! Going into this I knew what it wasn't goign to be something that I would have to fill in where I was needed but a personal commitment. I am commiting myself to another person who we both have to count on each other. I think having this relationship with this lady is great. I am also building communication skills. Today would have been the third day of volunteering. Edith and I decided that i would call before I came every time just incase something in her schedule came up. I called, and the nurse answered. Turns out, she hasn't been feeling good the past few days and I need to reschedule with her. I really hope that the nurse I talked to will tell Edith that I called and was planning on coming, but since she didn't feel good they told me not to! I am still kind of worried about it! It brings me back to Wednesday, I know she has been planning on me visiting!
Nothing really new and exciting in the nursing home volunteering.. but, I am looking forward to what is to come!

7 UP

I really really enjoyed the film we watched the other day! I think that it was a very effective documentry. Kids seem so innocent and oblivious to the problems with the world. This documentry took place many years ago when the world was a different place but it is still very evident today. As I said, I really enjoyed this film and I really want to see the following entries to the series. I think it would be very interesting to see how the children would change or how they stay the same. I think from viewing all the children from different backgrounds see how their lives can be so influenced by people who are important in their lives. So, seeing the last segment would probably be the most because by that time they are able to make their own decisions on how they are going to live their lives.

February 27, 2007

First Day

So, Last Wednesday I just started my first day of volunteering. I actually didn't even record the hours because I just thought it was a meeting. This meeting ended up to be a first day volunteering. At Lyngblomesten we have a staff supervisor that we go to when we need help. My ladie's name is Catti. She is really nice and I am looking forward to working with her. I also was introduced to my special Friend. Her name is Edith. She is 92 years old! She is in very good condition for 92 and I was surprised to hear she was that old! When I was there, we talked about our families and where we grew up. It was very interesting hearing her stories. She has a very big family! One of her daughters actually works at the University! I am planning on going there next this Wednesday. I am not exactly sure what we are going to talk about then and what we are going to do, but I am looking forward to continuing my volunteering!

February 13, 2007


When I found out that we had to do those tests, I wasn't too thrilled. I saw them on moodle last night and wasn't looking forward to having to do them! In class I started with the Age test. After I got started taking the test, I found it extremely interesting. Half way through the test I started to realize what was going on. It turned out that I was moderately more attracted to young people. I was very surprised about this! I didn't think that I was like that at all! I am even volunteering at a nursing home! The next test I did was the President's one. I thought that one was a lot more fun. It was between George W. Bush and J. F. Kennedy. I ended up being moderately more attracted to George W. Bush.
I believe my results for both tests are my familiarity. I am on a college campus, I live in the dorms. I think that I may be more attracted to young people because I am around them all the time. I also believe that is the case with the George W. Bush one as well. He is the current president and in the media all the time.
I really enjoyed this assignment and I am sure I will be going back to my room and taking more of them!

February 12, 2007


I really enjoyed the readings a few weeks ago. It was one of the first readings for this class that I didnt have to force myself to read. I understand all the readings are on the syllubus for a reason but I felt like this one was a real easy read. It was very enjoyable too. The professionals are very truthful in everything they say. I also appreciated how Studs Terkel added the little notes like when the professional laughs or looks away. It makes it a lot more personal and more enjoyable to read. They way he rights the different articles really makes you get a feeling that you are right there in the interview with him. I also think that I will continue to read more excerpts from Stud Terkel's Working and possibly other works that he wrote. I didn't think that being in a writing class that I would have so much extra reading to do. However, I do think it is neat that we get exposed to some of these works that I normally wouldnt have been exposed to.


On Thursday February 8th, I had my orientation for Lyngblomsten. It started off with the usual introductions. I was very impressed by the amout of people they had that were going to be volunteering. There were about 1/2 the group from Centry College that were there for service learning. The rest were a few kids for Mancaster College and then some voluntary volunteers like 2 young boys that were getting hours for boy scouts. The orientation then lead to a discussion about the history of Lyngblomsten and other policies an things we should know. I felt the ladies that were running the orientation were very orgainzed and nice. They then split us into two different groups. One group got a tour of the building. The building is very large and confusing so the tour helped a lot! The other group stayed in the room and worked on a little game called "in their shoes" with this there were different boxes with different situations. For example, one box was a pair of classes that made it seem like you had glaucoma, another was for a stroke patient. It was very interesting to see what some of those issues felt like. By this time, there were just a few more things he ladies had to tell us and then it was time for all the people not in service learning to go home. The service learning people learned that they would be given a "special friend" with whom they would be spending the rest of the semester with! We are going to take them to different activities within Lyngblomsten, take walks (when it warms up) and mostly just be someone that they can talk to and that we listen back. I am really excited to do this! I think I willl learn a lot about different people and myself with this expierence!

Our Song

Our Song was a movie that I probably will never watch again. Not that it was a horribe movie, just I didn't really enjoy it too much. I know there was a lot of story going on. I understand it told a story about the girls last few weeks of summer and I know that there were a lot of important issues raised. I was just waiting for something else to happen. I felt like the movie never really picked up. I dont even think I can think of a climax in the story.
Also, I did not like the ending at all. I didnt like how it just cut off like it did. For a movie that didn't have a lot going on to begin with, I was hoping for a better ending than the one that they had.
All in all, I can't bash the movie too much. I am glad I saw it. But, I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone and I won't go out and rent or buy it.

January 30, 2007


When I enrolled in this Service Learning class I was not sure what to expect. I knew I had to do community service for the class. That was about it. I have a friend that took the class last sememster and she volunteers as a tutor for two young girls. When we were given the list of locations that we could volunteer at I was not sure what to pick! I am a very indecisive person! I am not specifically interested in any of the areas that we are volunteering at as a career. I then thought I should narrow it down to something I would enjoy going to every week. I love kids and thought it would be a fun volunteering opportunity to be able to work with kids. I then saw how the class as a whole seemed to gain an interest in working for Children's Hospital. I wanted to expand my horizons and give other organizations an opportunity for a volunteer. I then chose Lyngblomsten Senior Care. I have gone Christmas caroling at nursing homes with a church in the past. I saw how just something like caroling can make someones day better. I thought that going there and spending a couple hours a week with someone would make a differnce in there lives. That is why I chose what I did. I am going to an orientation at Lyngblomsten on Friday. I am really looking forward to it so I will be able to see what I am going do be doing for the next semester!

January 18, 2007

Question 2

I chose to take this course after the regular Freshman Writing class was full. This course apart from the other ones seemed interesting to me. A friend of mine took it last semester and enjoyed it as well. I volunteered a lot during high school and stopped once coming to the University. I think volunteering and doing service work is very interesting because it seemed like it would be an important class. To me, service is anything that you can do to help someone. Something that is going above and beyond your everyday tasks. A little help/ service can make a big difference.