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St. Paul Burglar Fakes Knee Injury

            The Pioneer Press reported Tuesday that a St. Paul man lied to police about having knee surgery, in an attempt to avoid burglary charges.

            A burglary occurred at a Grant Avenue gallery Friday night.  St. Paul K-9 officers chased the suspect to an apartment complex. 

            They found John Howard Schlesky, 48, sitting in a wheelchair in the apartment. He explained to police that he just had knee surgery, so he couldn't be the suspect, said Sgt. Paul Schnell, a spokesman for the St. Paul police.

            Police discovered clothing in Schlesky's apartment that had the gallery's tags.  He was then arrested on the charge of third degree burglary, according to the criminal complaint from Monday.

            Along with items from the gallery, police found other stolen goods in Schlesky's apartment, according to the complaint and Schnell.

            Schlesky was convicted of attempted burglary in1984, burglary in 1992 and 2002, felony theft in 1987 and 2001, as well as theft of a motor vehicle in 2001, according to state court records.

Israeli Prime Minister Discusses Prisoner Exchange

            The New York Times reported Tuesday that Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu said an official agreement has not yet been made with Palestinian militant group Hamas to release an Israeli soldier in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners.

            "There is still no deal, and I do not know if there will be one," Netanyahu said.

            The Israeli soldier in question is Staff Sgt. Gilad Shalit.  Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups captured Shalit during a border assault in June 2006.

            Many Israelis have mixed feelings about the potential deal.  There is a decisive public consensus to have Shalit set free, but the mass release of convicted suicide bombers may be too high a price.

            The potential release of Palestinian militant leaders Marwan Barghouti, a prominent Fatah leader, and Ahmad Saadat, a leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, complicates the deal further.

            If the exchange is to occur, Netanyahu said, "We will not be sparing with public discussion.  We will not do it as a fait accompli.  We will allow the cabinet ministers and the public in general to discuss the issue."

Obama Seeks to Strengthen U.S. Relationship with India

           The Associated Press reported Tuesday that President Obama and the prime minister of India reached agreement on issues of security and economic development, while maintaining their differences on climate change.

            Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was the Obama administration's first official state visitor. 

            Both leaders agreed that improved relations between India and Pakistan would bring much needed security to the region.  "We both recognize that our core goal is to achieve peace and security for all peoples in the region, not just one country or the other," Obama said.

            Obama expressed interest in strengthening the U.S. and India's long-held trading relationship.  Furthering trade relations would bring job growth to both nations, Obama said.

            Obama and Singh maintained their differing views on climate change.  Obama, along with European leaders believe that all nations are obligated to reduce carbon emissions. Singh and leaders of developing countries claim that wealthy nations emitted the vast majority of greenhouse gases during the industrial revolution and should be responsible for amending their errors.

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