Did Christianity Cause the Crash?

            Hanna Rosin has a feature in the latest issue of The Atlantic.  The story is about the prosperity gospel and its connections to the current economic crisis.

            The prosperity gospel is a relatively recent Christian theology, which states that God rewards true believers with earthly wealth and prosperity.

            Rosin focuses mainly on a pastor named Fernando Garay from Charlottesville, Va.  Garay preaches to his congregation of Latino immigrants saying, "The blessings are looking for you!  God will take care of you.  God will not let you be without a home."

            This story is a trend piece, focusing on the rise of the prosperity gospel and its ties to the current economic crisis. 

            Rosin explains that 43 percent of Christians in a Pew Poll believed in the prosperity gospel, and that this 43 percent consisted of the demographics most likely to make the risky investments that caused the economic crisis.

            The strongest part of the story is the author's selection of quotes from Garay.  Garay's statements display that his outlook on the connection between faith and wealth is far from realistic and has caused apparent financial harm to the people of his congregation.

            My only criticism is that Rosin provides no counter argument.  She places most of the blame on the individuals that made bad investments, rather than the policy makers that allowed these investments to occur. 

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