Why Women Can't Let Sarah Palin Go

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            A feature in the latest issue of The New York Times Magazine examines American women's ongoing fascination with Sarah Palin. 

            The feature, written by Lisa Belkin, tracks women's opinions of Palin from her first political appearance to her current book tour.

            I consider this feature to be a trend piece.  Even though it discusses women's reactions to Palin, its true focus is how these reactions have developed over time.

            Belkin concludes that many American women love to hate Palin.  Her outlandish statements and persona fascinate them, yet they hate that her unintelligible statements and far right policies are the current representation of women in American politics.

            I think the feature flows well and makes good comparisons between Palin's rise to stardom and a high school popularity contest.

            My criticism is that Belkin's quotes are sparse and do not contribute much to the story. 

1 Comment

I really like this article. I think it flowed together very nicely. I liked the fact that there were both criticisms and praises for Sarah Palin, each side of the argument had a complete explanation.
I think the part where the author compared Palin to a lead cheerleader was actually a weak part of the story. It seemed to lack creativity. Since high school has nothing to do with Palin's position as the vice presidential running mate.

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