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Obama Seeks to Strengthen U.S. Relationship with India

           The Associated Press reported Tuesday that President Obama and the prime minister of India reached agreement on issues of security and economic development, while maintaining their differences on climate change.

            Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was the Obama administration's first official state visitor. 

            Both leaders agreed that improved relations between India and Pakistan would bring much needed security to the region.  "We both recognize that our core goal is to achieve peace and security for all peoples in the region, not just one country or the other," Obama said.

            Obama expressed interest in strengthening the U.S. and India's long-held trading relationship.  Furthering trade relations would bring job growth to both nations, Obama said.

            Obama and Singh maintained their differing views on climate change.  Obama, along with European leaders believe that all nations are obligated to reduce carbon emissions. Singh and leaders of developing countries claim that wealthy nations emitted the vast majority of greenhouse gases during the industrial revolution and should be responsible for amending their errors.

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