July 14, 2005

Digital Divide/21st Century

Our school must address the digital divide in three main areas, access, instructor use and parental support. The main reason students have limited access is economic. Most of our students are upper middle class, but come are low income and those students do not have access to computers at home. In our Junior High we are considering a one to one student lap top program where the school would provide the lap tops and this would definitely address that issue. We also have our library which is equipted with 30 computers available before and after school for student use.

With our teachers we have to continue to provide support and development in the area of technology to ensure all teachers are using technology to improve student learning. We still have some teachers who are very unskilled or unmotivated to use technology and I believe it is my responsibility as an administrator to resolve this issue, through training and accountability.

If we hope to continue to have technology as a major goal of the school and therefore a major budget item, we must continue to educate our parents on the immportance of this goal. This can be accomplished through exposure to technology uses to improve student learning at open houses, posting calendars and grades on line to show the value to parents of technology and constant writen and oral communication on the value of technology for student in college and careers.

The Critical Elements for Creating 21st Century Schools has strengths and weaknesses. Being generalized goals can be helpful to schools who are more interested in a broad based approach to standards. This can allow schools the freedom to develop their own standards or deal with technology integration purely on a departmental level with departmental outcomes.

It's weakness is also that it is general. Many teachers, administrators and parents for that matter are looking for a much more specific set of standard for technology integration. They want accountability and defined criteria. These elements would require more work on the part of the school and the teachers to develop specific goals and outcomes.

Posted by furn0014 at July 14, 2005 12:07 PM