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Gov. Scott Walker developed Wednesday his policy that would enable the public to carry firearms into limited places in the state Capitol.

The policy said that people could carry guns on the Assembly floor and in the Assembly viewing galleries, but in order to bring guns, people would have to abide by existing rules, such as prohibition of using cameras and video cameras, the Journal Sentinel Online reported. Also, it said that lawmakers can decide own policies regarding whether the public can enter into lawmakers' offices with guns.

The policy cam put along with the concealed gun law that would enable the public to carry gun in a public area from Nov. 1, the Badger Herald reported.

This policy is nothing new. The Huffington Post reports that 10 out of 51 states (Kentucky, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Utah, Minnesota, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Texas and Virginia), although restrictions vary in each state, allows the public to bring guns in state Capitols.

The Journal Sentinel Online said that experienced protests this spring, Wisconsin installed metal detectors in order to prevent the public from bringing guns into the state Capitol because death threat messages intimidated legislators.

lawmakers would have more secure environment thanks to the law, but the Badger Herald said that Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca said the concealed law diverts people's attention from other issues, such as job creations and budgets.

Court adjourned Sunday a trial of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak who was charged with killing protesters this year and postponed it until Dec.2011.

Lawyers for bereaved families that members of them were killed during protests made request that judges of the trial be changed, the New York Times reported.

Besides Mubarak, his two sons, interior minister and six police officers were present Sunday in the court when the court adjourned the trial, the New York Times reported.

The Washington Post said the court would pronounce a sentence of death on Mubarak, and his sons would be in charge of corruptions.

According to the Washington Post, Mubarak's trial started in August 2008 and delaying the trial would increase frustration among top people organizing anti-Mubarak movement because they wanted to end the trial as soon as possible.

An Ecuadoran man pleaded guilty Thursday in U.S District Court to a charge that he took parts of gun illegally from the U.S. to Paraguay.
Fabian Lojano-Lojano admitted that he attempted to send a package labeled T-Shirt that contained parts of AK-47, the Pioneer Express reported.
The Pioneer Express also said that Lojano had smuggled the parts to Paraguay between September and June 2010 in a similar way. The parts he sent were enough to make at least 10 arms.
According to the Star Tribune, court documents disclosed that his customers had connected to a Paraguayan company called Delta Protective Services that dealt with collecting security and business information.
The Star Tribune said that Lojano federal agents found from Lojano's house that he possessed two boxes that contained arm parts.
The Pioneer Express said that what type of sentence he will receive is unclear, but the crime he committed would result in maximum a 10-year sentence.

Hennepin County attorney said Friday that man who shot a Minnesota robber dead in order to defense himself would not go to a criminal trial

The shooting happened outside shopping mall on E.Lake Street on Oct.20. After witnessing that the victim, Darren Evanovich, hit a woman with a pistol and stole her pursue, the man who had permit to carry a gun came close to Evanovich and shot him when the victim pointed his pistol to the man,the Star Tribune reported.

Police said the victim's sister, Octavia Shonte Marberry, was with Evanovich when robbery happened, but prosecutors put her on a charge of two robberies happened on Oct. 12 and Oct. 15, the Pioneer Press reported.

The Pioneer Press said that her first trial is planned to be on Monday in Hennepin County District Court, and she would be released if $250,000 bail is posted.

John Edwards cannot escape from trial

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The federal judge ruled Thursday that former Senator John Edwards would have go on a trial, rejecting his request for a dismissal about his illegal campaign finance.

Edwards violated the campaign finance law because he appropriated nearly $1 million campaign donation secretly obtained from two wealthy constituents for hiding an extramarital relation during his 2008 presidential campaign, The New York Times reported.

The secret donors are Rachel "Bunny'" Mellon, an elderly banking heiress, and the late Fred Baron, a Texas lawyer, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The Los Angeles Times said that lawyers for Edwards said that the donation was gift so that he did not violate the law; on the other hand, prosecutors argued that he fabricated his campaign finance reports in order to hide that he exceeded legal limits.

Both paper said that he would have to be in jail up to maximum penalty of 30 years and pay $1.5 million for fines.

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