The public will be able to go to the state Capitol with guns

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Gov. Scott Walker developed Wednesday his policy that would enable the public to carry firearms into limited places in the state Capitol.

The policy said that people could carry guns on the Assembly floor and in the Assembly viewing galleries, but in order to bring guns, people would have to abide by existing rules, such as prohibition of using cameras and video cameras, the Journal Sentinel Online reported. Also, it said that lawmakers can decide own policies regarding whether the public can enter into lawmakers' offices with guns.

The policy cam put along with the concealed gun law that would enable the public to carry gun in a public area from Nov. 1, the Badger Herald reported.

This policy is nothing new. The Huffington Post reports that 10 out of 51 states (Kentucky, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Utah, Minnesota, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Texas and Virginia), although restrictions vary in each state, allows the public to bring guns in state Capitols.

The Journal Sentinel Online said that experienced protests this spring, Wisconsin installed metal detectors in order to prevent the public from bringing guns into the state Capitol because death threat messages intimidated legislators.

lawmakers would have more secure environment thanks to the law, but the Badger Herald said that Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca said the concealed law diverts people's attention from other issues, such as job creations and budgets.

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