Hillary Clinton's mother Dorothy Rodham died Tuesday.

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Dorothy Rodham, a mother of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, died at 92 Tuesday in Washington.

Clinton said that Rodham dedicated herself to teaching her children the importance of having determination and calmness and to encouraging them to be more intellectual, the New York Times reported.

Rodham was born in Chicago on June 4,1919, but eight years later, Rodham and her young sister were send to their grandparents who lived in California after their parents divorced in 1927, the Chicago Tribune said. Rodham, mistreated by her grandparents, lived in another family as a nanny and attended Alhambra high school.

According to the New York Times, Rodham returned to Chicago because her mother's new husband promised that she would pay Rodham's tuitions for college to live, but Rodham noticed that her mother wanted to keep her as a housekeeper. it is reported by the New York Times that she married Hugh Ellsworth Rodham and gave birth in suburban of Chicago where they moved in.

President Obama said that Rodham would be satisfied with her life because she could see her daughter engaging in a honorable position in the United States, the Chicago Tribune reported.

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